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for An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes

5/9 c9 allielovesdd
LMAO gaara
5/8 c2 allielovesdd
Love Temari she’s like a spider waiting for her trap to be sprung
5/8 c3 Guest
I dunno. Reading this feels as if the author is a child who does not really understand how the world works.

Naruto would never be allowed to peacefully leave Konoha, for example. There are other things that are just stupid in this story but I don't feel like naming them.
5/7 c21 Lord777474738
I am so addicted to this story I going to need to read more of you thanks for this clearly incredible story everything you have done so far is just amazing keep going you're an amazing person and writer so keep going making amazing things like this and have fun doing it.
4/26 c29 Lo wyatt
I loved it this is my favorite story more people need to read it
4/22 c29 Kitsune124
I’m sorry I couldn’t help but cry.

Reminds me of my grandpa the cancer was eating him. He was so skinny. Grandma told him like a lifeline not too keen on my emotions. I’ve been hurt so many times by people I thought I could trust that I thought I could love him and told him.

I love my grandpa Out of the fleeting moments. He gave me a smile. I couldn’t take it. I went outside, crying, my eyes out in the garden that he used to work on.

I’m sorry if there’s spelling errors this just reminds me of him
4/14 c5 kingpj999
At this rate the children will be yelling dattebayo at the end of the year
4/13 c1 kingpj999
A believable reason to leave without any major conflict and a good face slaping to Konoha. Very good start.
3/25 c29 Archer957
taking into consideration when this was written this is quite damn good. they had to make up most of the stuff for the later arcs in naruto so im quite impressed
3/17 c18 jayydasimp
konoha believes in second chances Kakashi implies this after the war vs madara and Sasuke is in prison
2/25 c29 Guest
This was a great story. I loved it even though it made me cry. I love what you did with Itachi and how you gave him his family back. I love the ending and how Temari saw Naruto again. I love how everyone gets their own sort of heaven in the story. I just love everything about it! You did an amazing job!
1/18 c21 Haymore
(And don't tell me that he died in a crappy way. Not all deaths are noble or grand.)

Naw he died fine. Too late, because he was in the execution stand with his executioner when the attack happened and should have been just instantly offed there.
12/31/2023 c1 Master777vip0000
Gina Gail Barron-Goodman

126 Ambrosia Lane
Heath, Texas 75032

ginagbg at sbcglobal dot net
12/30/2023 c1 2Areyem Meyera
Most commentators dont consider the fact that this story only ran in the span of 2 years, from 2007 to 2009, when the Naruto Manga has yet to even come close to the most detailed aspect of the Naruto Universe. This fanfic author had to write his very own plot and can be considered a pioneer to some fanfic tropes and had definetly inspired plenty of writers.
11/23/2023 c29 Anonymous
WTF do u mean I’m anonymous
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