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for An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes

3/21 c3 Bushra Ahmad
Though I don't think Naruto would give up on his dreams s quickly I still think that the grammar and writing of the text is quite impressive
3/12 c18 CoffeeFrog
B-Bimbo B-Bimbo Baggins for the children
2/17 c7 38Ashera fanfics
May the raccoons cult begin. Zigzagoon, go!
2/14 c7 Marnie
Honestly, this makes me wish Naruto went to live in Suna in canon. Yeah, he wants to be Hokage and is (goodness knows why) super loyal to Konoha, but he just fits better in Suna. People don’t hate him nearly as much and he can be happier and even shoot for the Kage position there. And he has more loyal friends. The people of the Sand might even like him more as a jinchuriki since he’s FAR better and nicer than Gaara. Can you imagine a situation in the manga/anime in which the Sand and the Leaf swapped jinchurikis? That would be so interesting and make such a good fanfiction too. Someone should write it.
2/14 c6 Marnie
Temari is crazy She’ll be such an entertaining girlfriend for Naruto. Honestly, though, it irks me how everyone is still underestimating Naruto even after he left. But it’s sadly in-character. They never appreciated him or noted his strengths, even his own team.
2/14 c5 Marnie
Not gonna lie, if Naruto was my teacher I’d learn far more than I am right now.
2/14 c4 Marnie
Naruto makes a really good teacher, better than Ireland and Kakashi. The only one who’s nearly as good as him is Might Guy—I feel like Naruto got some subconscious inspiration from him and is channeling Guy’s passion for physical exercise and yelling about what being a true shining is about.
It’s going to be funny seeing the new dynamic between the Sand siblings now that Naruto and Temari are together. I wonder how Gaara, particularly, will react?
2/13 c3 Marnie
Naruto truly makes a greater sensei. When you’re a ninja, theory ain’t nearly as important as practical stuff. The same is true for regular education, and so it’s ten times over more true in a ninja village where people go and die on missions! Naruto is so cheeky though, he’s going to shock him prim and proper class. Temari and Gaara are funny, the latter inadvertently. This is the first time I’ve read NaruTema, and so hope you do it well.
2/13 c2 Marnie
NarutoXTemari is an amazing ship! And it nearly ties Naruto to Gaara, which I love. The fight between the two jinchuriki was fun, too. I’ve got the image in my head if the entirety of Suna watching their Kate get pummeled at one point in the fight, and that gives me the giggles.
2/13 c1 Marnie
This so off to an amazing start! Naruto in Suna is something really awesome as a concept that I’ve always loved to see. I want to see how you take it. Tsunade and Jiraiya and sweet while still in-character. Sadly, the council is still the same old stupid council.
1/15 c9 kingkian098
love the omake
11/10/2022 c21 Sebine
Crap death for a crap person.
11/7/2022 c21 dastewie2012
Nothing stopping a quick kunai to his head right now. He’s already been sentenced. He is as weak as a stronger than an athletic civilian.
10/31/2022 c29 Guest
That was really good
10/20/2022 c9 Sora9979
Cote Jasmines
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