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for Time of Dying

10/24/2012 c1 V1X3N93
i feel like crying... why did it have to be roxas... TT-TT
4/26/2008 c1 9Michiyo Makino
Love the story! It's so sweet! Looking forward to more of your writings.
2/5/2008 c1 LookitsLeon
This is a really really sad story. You did an excellent job!
1/17/2008 c1 22LifesLover
Oh wow that was so sad. Poor Roxas. It was so nice what he did for Sora though. And he got to see Axel again, but now he can't be with Namine. And I actually like Namine! Oh, I want to cry. It was beautiful. Great job!
1/1/2008 c1 24CaliTues
T.T that is the 2nd thing i've read in the past ten minutes that killed roxas T.T ROXAS KILLER (heed that not, i said this in my last review 2 i say anytime roxas pulls an axel (dies) poor roxas and axel T.T)

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