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for Love on the Rancho

2/4/2012 c11 2peachesbaby
just had to say that this was a really well written story and you had each of the characters spot on. well done. As a huge Mediator fan, I approve!

12/26/2011 c3 7Natural-Writer
I have volunteered at a historical site for most of my life. There we have an 18th and a 19th century side. On the 19th century (The time period Jesse is from) side we have a house that we call the Homestead. The Homestead is three stories high including a first for everyday living, a second for the bedrooms and a third floor for the attic. The kitchen is a seperate brick building. There are also two story buildings on the 18th century side. I do believe it is okay for you to give Jesse and his family a two story house expectially concidering the fact that they own their own ranch.
11/13/2010 c11 kimmi0490
Susannah and Jesse finally together. AWWWW! Great story.
3/8/2010 c11 na
hi again, ive read the last of your books and i cant forget Run on, imean the part where jesse was like te amo and then he faints it really made me cry! i lve your books! 3 :)
8/9/2009 c2 2SiriusPotterFan1
I wish your chapters were longer!

"It was like a hunter’s log cabin, only ten times bigger with two storeys. (A/N I don’t know if they actually had two storey houses back then but it’s what I always imagined Jesse’s house to be. If you know if they existed or not could you please tell me?) "

Stories, not storeys.

I feel like a lot of your sentences with parenthesis could be stronger without them.

Example:Jesse turned a bright shade of red (which was a great feat considering how dark he is) and muttered some soothing Spanish words back to his father.

"Jesse turned a bright shade of red-a great feat considering how dark he is-and muttered some soothing Spanish words back to his father."

Also, in regards to that sentence, you switched verb tenses when you said "TURNED a bright shade of red" and "how dark he IS."

Overall, very interesting, and like I've said, I like your work. Keep it up, your imagination is incredible.
1/12/2009 c11 kalyani
1/11/2009 c11 XoRinoX
That was so happy it made me cry! And I'm not lying! :D
1/8/2009 c11 ForGottenThoughts93
Aw! This story was so cute. I loved it, I'm so glad that Jesse went back with Suze. Great job
1/3/2009 c11 4silentword
I love it, very well written and funny
1/3/2009 c11 2Blue-Eyed Chica
1/2/2009 c11 5I want to be Jesse's girl
Okay so first I have to say a mighty hello considering it's the new year and all. Hope the season was jolly for you (even if you don't celebrate Christmas but you know hope that everything went by smoothly. And wow yah I back now that all the busy time of the year that we call Christmas and well the New year has completed it's course well at least for another year. lol

Then off to the story. God such a beautiful ending seriously. My oh my I want Jesse okay I really do but damn Suze she has all the luck. lol

This chapter was I though really well done it was not over the top but just right enough to show that well they are still obviously...um, attracted to each other and well that they have a beautiful boy who surprise surprise has Suze's greens which often seems to be the case with stories of Suze and Jesse and their kids. But it was so cute that my heart was leaping out of my chest saying Jesse dump the B*h you and me can be together instead. Nah lol although I would love that literally, I think Suze and Jesse belong with each other he deserves someone who is not deranged like me. Maybe Paul and I should be together we both are slightly off our minds - although Paulie baby may be a little over the top.

Anyways all my love hope everything went well for youz well I can see that your fics definitely haven't suffered it's still in the tip top shape that it always is in. Anyways I can see that you have updated another story (which I am just dying to read - so yeah I'll have to let go now). Chat to you soon.

Kisses and Hugs
1/2/2009 c11 16TwilightMyLife
1/2/2009 c11 10Satellite Falling
Brillant epilogue-ties everything up in one beautiful package! Glad you came back to finish up this story!

Any more writing on our 'funers?' (yep-I still giggle at that term...)
1/2/2009 c11 7x.Tohru.Seraphina.x
Loved it.

Such a sweet ending!

1/1/2009 c10 XoRinoX
Wonderful story, and I cracked up at Jesse's reaction to the flashback that Athena showed. Although, I reckon that if you had a bit more of paul in it it would have been better.
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