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for Shinobi High Year 2

12/23/2015 c18 AnimeGirl
Listen, I love your fanfic, but, and I quote "not normal"?! Wtf is 'not normal' about two dudes getting married?! I am a bisexual girl with a lesbian girlfriend. I just don't like how stuck up those bitches are being, okay?
6/30/2014 c18 TENTEN
Hey umm where's the nejiten part
8/19/2013 c17 Guest
3/9/2013 c10 I LOVE NEJITEN
Nice story i lab it make more please! Anyways i love you! BEST AUTHOR EVA! Ang GIVE TOBI-KUN A STAR!
5/5/2011 c18 1Lauri3n
This is most excellent!
12/28/2009 c2 5The Kookie Monster
man ur stories are good...

i read the shinobi high year one and i loved it...

u write good stories and i want to be like that and i kinda suck at it
9/28/2008 c8 lustofficial
8/18/2008 c7 lustofficial
"he knows something" Ahh shino! always the good guy!
8/18/2008 c6 lustofficial
Yeah when she lefty her on "the bench"(i cant help it)
8/18/2008 c5 lustofficial
Poor sockie(thas alos what i call sakura in my story) SASUKEXSAKURA! for somereson i feel like kabutos gay now.
8/18/2008 c4 lustofficial
Negten fluffyeness
8/18/2008 c3 lustofficial
Heheh shikatem fluffyeness.
8/18/2008 c2 lustofficial
I want money. Lolz.
8/18/2008 c1 lustofficial
Holy crap! They gor married!
3/28/2008 c11 45grandiloquentCaecity
Great story! i love it. I am really liking the suspense that you are building.

P.S. Tobi can have 5 stars
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