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for New Year Resolutions

1/21/2008 c1 8stormcatcher32
aww... so romantic...
1/1/2008 c1 24Xtreme Gamer
You know, I don't know why you didn't think you'd be good with AAML stories. I loved it. Ash's excuse of not going into the Gym because he was afraid to run into Misty was made all the more hilarious by Misty's reaction.

Excellent job, my friend. You really should write more.
1/1/2008 c1 4FutureAJ
Nice one-shot. Could've been more detailed but again, it was a one-shot. Cute Pokeshipp
1/1/2008 c1 17prettygirl17
Love it! Very kawaii! I loved the ending and I can just imagine Pikachu. He's so cute! GREAT story!
1/1/2008 c1 1poka
Hey that wasn't bad! I think you did well for your first AAML!

I'm quite partial to AAML (AshXMisty), so good job agai, and happy new year!

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