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9/5/2015 c13 SoundScream
poor ozai. Not that people always blame him, world hate him Zuko's not his son, Ursa cheat on him and he's just being stubborn with pride...
nice plot and fluffy too
4/10/2015 c13 ImaBelieverOptimism
I so far lie this story but I would say I didnt really like when there was a lot of father and daughter times. I would say u need to put more Katara and Zuko moments in there no offense. My opinion. And I'm not flaming either just telling the truth XD
4/10/2015 c1 ImaBelieverOptimism
Love it!
12/6/2014 c13 43SnapeFan777
Are there going to be more chapters?
11/9/2014 c2 8Little miss AvatarX
Super cute
11/12/2010 c13 WordVortex74
Yay! Awesome story and chapter! Please write more!
9/30/2010 c13 3thegrimbee
Dude, this story is just plain AWESOME! I love these moments because they are so cute and I just love Zutara kiddies! Can't wait for the next update ^w^
5/31/2010 c13 17KissingKorpses
no. it doesn't make you morbid. it makes you awesome. so there. aaaanywayz, this was good. and it's too bad asa wasn't able to find the good grandfather she deserved. well. at least she still has uncle iroh. ^^ -smile- and thank god/agni/whoever/the writers of avatar zuko chose good over his father's 'love'.
5/31/2010 c12 KissingKorpses
my hand rests over my hear dramatically as i type this review. now my hand is back on the keyboard and i can type faster. xD

anyways, yup. that's kat's baby. Da, As-As, and Ma. How sweeeet! Zuzu just loves his childrens. ^^
5/31/2010 c11 KissingKorpses
well, now ex-fire lord ozai has a terrible urge to throw himself over a cliff and he doesn't know why. it's because the long standing tradition of child abuse has stopped! NOOOOOOOO! put that in your pipe and puff it. xP
5/31/2010 c10 KissingKorpses
'mom! dad! roku just burnt the curtains and ate roh's pet platypus-monkey!'

just wait until little roku gets his bearings.

what a lovely baby dragon. ;3
5/31/2010 c9 KissingKorpses
and another big 'aawwwww' from rosa over here.
5/31/2010 c8 KissingKorpses
well, katara is right. three is a bit of a crowd. x3
5/31/2010 c6 KissingKorpses
'it was aang!' 'let me guess. they heard you say 'ew'.'

wow. i'm falling more and more in love with this fic as i continue reading it.
5/31/2010 c5 KissingKorpses
a singing zuko, eh? looks like parenting softened him up a bit more.
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