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8/23/2019 c22 Debbie Hicks
23. Epilouge 2. needle struckd me screamd then with his then with wholis erased of memoris and both found with the rank of Captain you are punished where you think yiou arre going then the capered gtorfe then Asaultd sexully but one biggst bite vanishd witgh the good we found hr bitten kids then we senten I Want my death change me With child good then With tey the then aAAssaultd by abuse unwantd but alone Memories gone aftr eight kids followed with they Changd Aasall of em good mine as sex slave ten too late ACrackd ten lost both hen then ten Tortured then found then the sickr and frailr but gunt then Killed had blod on my mouth rom the both bites from here god piercd frel seald up then too late Was all of them then the thre found me sunken frailr weaker but dyig then was paler Nothingnrs with him, good prishd usd are ad Ashes then too late te head foud hair still growing oh my god she's what already dead with them with us/they ten in time never had kids again ASliced from hre both from here then good they wre rescud the more guards fifteen report Aro This rime is a serious one she birthd hybrids are Immortal Children dead die then AAExecutd then too late myself was Immortal Alice's eyes went bulged crshd her vase a lot of gusards on the snow blarting then suddenly them they are all of them coming here Irina rpoirtd us/they to the Volturi they put us/they to death your eyes are Yellow yes it ws not myself she is Immortal fully time had a dream it's prophetic she is in fact a Vampire Slayer holds the Sclyte a stake oh my god hair long in bangs then too late i time AAsleep blown both both gone then then reported killed for more studies ashes more guards good they been destroyed then Alice's scram ringing like a lematya's gasp they done this act gthey are all coming there then it came what this Edward you have my dauggter as your mate then too late so they Then it as over Blacking outside then but bodies delivered from here good they are Dead gorged eyes good then too late the cause of death was murder then us/they heal alien gasp ten us/they were not humans at all then too late Pastor myself as already dad held a cross myself hissing so tey from here ws in fact deceasd Pastor she was bittenbut her katra is lost oh my god she's cold as ice then here weaponry Mr's Black tell my four of us hold on your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life name your daughter after me Tiv Tivr Narooon a alien votrex of the soul exploded then caused me to feel a holographic eyeball gulped Ew you ate a soul a half Bree you will learn it burped ladylike but British he passed out out cold in his robs Alice she is a Telepath by touch oh my god he is marked then to rise Wu yes my lady gasp newspapers reported us/they were Immortal beings were in fact not alive theme Ceres Celestial Legend mixed with 3 X3 Eyes oh man then lost from hre he had a daughter was marked now us/they were not mortals dressed from a anime where to miss Tibet to learn my last life gasp sh's what not human correct I Was born with a ancient but old soul as a adult oh god no way gasp they know who yiou did melded then nuked freely then never returned good they are dead ten then lost from here it was too late killed then it's as all more gusards bitten frely then in the Singpore Airplane Alice what happened to us/they did thre yiou can't di gasp we are your servants it's working Dawnie it's moving yrs we must hurry hang on then with business travelers we have s a fused Unicat ten too late it was fred then flying from here to here then first Tokyo, Japan to stay overnight at a Campground it came too late the cause of death was natural causes but in time us/they held as all of holidays there long term.
4/2/2019 c22 Guest
good story, for once bella and jacob got their happily ever after
12/9/2018 c22 Guest
Eu gostei muito legal
11/5/2018 c22 rachel625
loves it
10/1/2017 c22 Guest
This was the BEST STORY EVER
11/14/2016 c16 Guest
11/14/2016 c15 Guest
2/16/2016 c5 Taylor swift I'm a fucker I love to skrew boys
That was fucking awesome I read something so amazing.I know that wasn't real but I felt like I was in that story
11/3/2015 c15 Guest
ONLY Jacob and Bella!
9/26/2015 c1 Guest
Lol! I live in Mobile, Alabama.
7/8/2015 c22 1Chameleonxx
That was very brilliant
11/7/2014 c8 7Babysakura121
omg...this is so cute I love it
6/30/2014 c22 Guest
cmon chapter 23
6/11/2014 c22 EmbryIsAwesome1221
I have never seen a sweeter story. Good God I love it. This has to be one of my favorite stories in fanfiction.
2/1/2014 c13 16Child of Dreams
(squeals in delight)
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