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11/2/2008 c2 2Wolffy1
great story
8/1/2008 c2 Fail the real squid
This is really good, I've always wanted to write a story like this, but never really got around to it.

I like the way she calls Chris Ocean-eyes.

I really hope you continue.

All the best.
7/20/2008 c2 6aandm20
It's a good story so far!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
7/19/2008 c2 28TheAngryPrincess13
Update soon please. :)

I love it! ^^
7/18/2008 c2 8iSiRiUsLyLoVeSiRiUs
I like it! Keep it up!
7/9/2008 c1 1ahsram
awsome story I cant wait to read more i really hope you update soon. ~kat~
1/1/2008 c1 MushLover92
Well, cousin, I am excited to see where this story goes. I shall be reading it! and we need to keep more in touch this time. so maybe ill get on IM once in awhile. :)

1/1/2008 c1 3Grunge Sponge
I like it, there's a lot of mystery in it and that's cool. It's not bad! I love how drained you made the narration, it adds to the exhaustion of the character. Keep it up!

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