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for When the Rain Began to Fall

10/13/2021 c34 8aslansphoenix
Good. Just good.

Thank-You for writing your wonderful words.
6/23/2016 c13 Smithy
Jack is a lying, conniving, woman-stealing pervert. I had no tears flowing when he 'died'. And coming on to Elizabeth like that, is gross. What woman would want a man who is that gross?
1/1/2009 c34 vanilla902
WOW thank you! sersiously it was perfect all of the will and elizabeth moments that i needed that were missing from the movie!:D:D excellent work
8/5/2008 c8 29TortugaTourGuide
Yes! Someone who shares the same opinion of my sister and I about what the compass was pointing to with Jack. I started this story because I liked your other one, The Love of A Blacksmith. It's really good, as is this one.
5/20/2008 c34 asdfgjlksdfjasdf
Beautiful! Congratulations on a great story!
4/16/2008 c34 10QuidditchGirl30
SQUE Oh my goodness...I LOVED it! So so so so much! Very good. I'm so depressed it's over! Please continue writing these fantastic stories!

4/16/2008 c34 14Calathiel of Mirkwood
So adorably wonderful!
4/15/2008 c34 11baby le
*bawls* beautifully done! i really enjoyed the ups and downs of this fic, and you did such a great job with the little inserts. it helps clarify so much, and also gives light to certain things that weren't explained or just plainly neglected. i hope you do another fic like this. you did a great job. `=D
4/15/2008 c34 9Aquamarine07
Beautiful last chapter! This has been a really amazing story :) I hope you continue to write more Willabeth, you sure do have a talent for it!
4/8/2008 c33 QueenVader95
great chapter :)
4/7/2008 c33 2Krism
I havent been a faithful reviewer but I had to say this story is so good and this chapter in particular, with the insecurities on the curse and all the romance and passion and fun, it is just like I pictured!
4/7/2008 c33 10QuidditchGirl30
W-o-w. This was fantastic. I was tearing up. Beautiful. Seriously beautiful. =]
4/6/2008 c33 11baby le
for your first M scene, you did a really great job. the way you described both of their insecurities about both sex & the curse was perfect. `=D im gna be sad to see this story go. `=(
4/6/2008 c33 9Aquamarine07
I loved that chapter :D Very wonderfully written, as all of your chapters are! I hope you continue this!
4/5/2008 c32 11baby le
ted & terry should hire you to explain the little myths and feelings of will & liz on their forum. lols.
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