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for When the Rain Began to Fall

4/5/2008 c32 9love2rite
This was beautiful and sad, just like the scene in the movie. I love how you described everyone's feelings and couldn't help but be amused that she thought about wanting to avoid Jack with Will, but then realized what a good man he is! Very good chapter!
3/30/2008 c31 11baby le
*sigh* that was beautiful. and i love that you have liz say ILU, since she NEVER says it in the movies. as for your next step, im VERY partial to jumping to the honeymoon on the beach. but i wouldn't mind either, as long as the honeymoon's still there. lols. great job again! `=D totally made my wknd.
3/29/2008 c31 10QuidditchGirl30
Oh please do the Will stabbing scene! I want to cry! =]] I loved loved loved it! And she says I love you! Ah update soon!

3/29/2008 c31 9Aquamarine07
Yay for the wedding! It was excellently written- and yes, you did it justice! As for your question, I would love to see you write Will battling his father and Elizabeth getting knocked out by Davy Jones... I love to read the part where Will comes to save her :D Its up to you about the actual stabbing scene, I don't really know if there is much to do with that. If you wanted, you could write Will battling his father, Elizabeth's fight with Davy Jones and then getting knocked out, Will comes to rescue her, and then just skip to the parachute scene. Thats my two cents ;)
3/29/2008 c31 1PiratePrincess96
This work has been just AWEsome!

You asked...I vote go right to the beach scene. I so hated it when Will gets stabbed!
3/28/2008 c30 9Aquamarine07
That was a very interesting chapter indeed! I liked the Jack/Elizabeth reconciling as friends, because I think you're right: they are very much alike, but at the same time they each want to stay far, far away from the other ;) I also liked how Elizabeth admitted to Jack that she was going to try and fix things with Will, and Jack knows that Will wants to do the same. Very nice job! Can't wait for the parlay and Will/Elizabeth reunion!
3/27/2008 c30 11baby le
ohh...i love how you explained the tension and 'attraction' btwn liz & jack. and the fact that jack no longer has his compass. great job!
3/27/2008 c30 10royalpinkdogs
beautiful! the behind the scenes concept is so perfect-I can imagine these so easily fitting into place around the ones I saw in the movie.

Elizabeth is a much more powerful individual this way. And Will is not as pathetic. I actually like him in your story!
3/24/2008 c29 9Aquamarine07
Woah! That was really, really powerful! I positively love how you write the characters thoughts... I also liked how you had Elizabeth regain trust in herself at this point. That is very in character, because by the time that they reached Shipwreck Cove (in the movie) she seemed like a new person. Awesome chapter! Keep updating!
3/23/2008 c29 11baby le
i love it! and the explanation for her change in clothes is really good. `=D
3/23/2008 c28 9Aquamarine07
Wonderful chapter! I really LOVE how you got into both Jack and Will's head for their conversation... it was a very interesting read! And Jack talking about Will as "lover boy" and "dear William's tender side" was hilarious! I really enjoyed reading it. Excellent job!
3/23/2008 c28 11baby le
aw, poor will! lols. i wouldn't be able to imagine how he would've gotten out of the brig, either. but you did a great job with what will was thinking during the talk with jack. `=D
3/22/2008 c27 asdfgjlksdfjasdf
I really really like this story. Awesome writing!

Can't wait for more!

- AKA Parfait ;D
3/22/2008 c27 9Aquamarine07
Woah! That chapter was really amazing! Wow! I loved it! I had really wanted someone to do Elizabeth's thoughts throughout this chapter, so I'm glad you did! I liked how you had her realize what Sao Feng was after ... and she was afraid and regretting not listening to Will. That was really powerful. I loved it!

Can't wait to see what happens next! (I would love to see Will worrying about what was going to happen to Elizabeth on the Empress... that would be really angsty!) Update soon!
3/21/2008 c27 11baby le
perfect. `=D to me, there wasn't enough explanation in the scene, but this definitely gave me a better idea as to what liz was really thinking. thanks for this! `=D
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