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3/4/2008 c1 42Foofynono
that was really nice. Good writing
1/11/2008 c1 werewolfvampiregrl
i luv ur ff. it's awesome. i love how u write it even though i don't get some of it. =)
1/4/2008 c1 186dragonprincess1988
very nice
1/2/2008 c1 6Mussayyy
Hahahaha. Wicked. This has been your most creative story. I especially like the first part (Starfire... drunk? Haha). Who cares if this is fluff? You wrote this very well!

Good job, Kiks! I miss you!

P.S. Musay is supporting DannyPhantom X Sam! D'you like them?
1/2/2008 c1 9Akemi1582
This was cute, I loved Luck and Long Life.

1/2/2008 c1 4liliac gurl
Loved it XD
1/2/2008 c1 ravenslair
That was cute, nice job. I don't really know the fountain you spoke of, but it dosen't really matter. Happy new years to you, too. Gerry
1/2/2008 c1 Helena Aeris
I like this a lot. Really. It's a creative idea for New Year's Day. =)

The last category is, by far, the best. Hilarious fluff. ^_^ You can never have too much of that.


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