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5/1/2018 c21 4Hexenwerk
I enjoyed it. :)
6/22/2017 c20 Jacobsnewton
9/8/2009 c21 6charmed-darkangel
Ah wonderful story! Very well written, and i was surprised you didn't get confused with having two sets of charmed ones and all.

Good job
8/5/2009 c11 charmed-darkangel
good chapter
8/5/2009 c9 charmed-darkangel
I was wondering why they didn't try to vanquish the demon.

good chapter
8/5/2009 c6 charmed-darkangel
YAY more time travel
8/5/2009 c5 charmed-darkangel
I wonder who that was!
8/5/2009 c4 charmed-darkangel
Gr8 chapter
8/5/2009 c3 charmed-darkangel
Time travel always makes a story better.
8/5/2009 c2 charmed-darkangel
Glad to see it worked out between Prue and Paige. I would've hated Prue and Paige not getting along.
8/5/2009 c1 charmed-darkangel
I hope Prue doesn't go all defensive and jealous from Paige. Good start
9/4/2008 c1 Back-in-Black-Finchel
I really like this story. From Prue's POV it's very spot-on (you write Prue very, very well). =)
6/30/2008 c21 8Stephanie-MS
awesome story! Even though some of it didn't make sense til the end though :(
6/30/2008 c11 Stephanie-MS
I like this chapter.I swear Prue and Paige have the same mind. Cuz they were both telling the middle sisters about the power of 4. LOL
4/28/2008 c21 lizardmomma
very good job, I liked that Paige couldn't remember...she's better off that way/
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