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3/8/2023 c34 Tony Moonstone
This story was...AWESOME!
Such a realistic story.
I have read many stories of Drarry and this one was like I said in a word. AWESOME!
It was although my first take on a Hermione/Snape relationship, as well as a friendship between Hermione and Lord Voldemort and seeing Hermiones dark side. Also a Lucius and Sirius! Did not see that coming at all.
I LOVE Harry and Dracos inheritance creature traits.
Though I wonder who Fred and George will snag in their relationship? Neville or Dudley?
Only time will tell.
Onward to the sequel.
Take care and be safe!
3/7/2023 c29 Tony Moonstone
I'm so happy you brought Neville and Dean into the story. I haven't seen them in a while.
They are two of my favorite secondary characters.
What happened to Dean? What Moody did, Moody shouldn't live because of what he did.
Onward, I read.
Take care and be safe!
3/5/2023 c16 Tony Moonstone
It’s not everyday I read a story which has a scene of our favourite wizards and witches at a dance club and having fun on the dance floor.
That was a fun chapter, and the party is just getting started. What will happen next?
Onward I read.
Take care and be safe!
3/3/2023 c2 Tony Moonstone
Tragedy, what happened with those terrible relatives.
Is Draco defending Harry?
I have to read more, though him coming down in just his boxers had me in fits of giggles.
Onward, I read.
Take care and be safe!
2/21/2023 c33 Wolvie26
Love it!
3/17/2022 c11 noe cruz
Hey Draco b-day is not one month before Harry?
2/27/2022 c34 Annabelle Thomas
What a damn mess this was. I tried. I read 33 chapters and want all that time back. Yeesh.
1/7/2022 c1 lellyweird
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this series! It will always be a firm favourite of mine. I adore the way your mind went with this. Amazing!
12/15/2021 c31 3onic
I'm sure someone has pointed this out already but when Dudley goes to get his wand you have Ollivander stating that an oak wand is rather bendy when oak wood is known for being a hardwood and is extremely rigid not good for flexibility.
7/17/2021 c33 Bluewolf80
This is my 3rd time reading this saga. It’s one of my top favorite 3 fanfics! And I’ve read A Lot! I think the first edition of the trilogy is the weakest which is rare. Usually the first part of a multi-part series is the most successful and popular.
So for everyone that is disappointed that only a few weeks have gone by and not much has happened relative to the word count; don’t worry! Things will definitely pick up in the next fic. I Highly recommend everyone to keep reading!
7/7/2021 c32 1HadrianSlytherinPeverell
Hermione is becoming a mary sue sooo losing interest
6/29/2021 c2 Shiaira73
Somehow... when everything is out of control in my life... i find myself here. Why?
5/29/2021 c34 loleo
Chapters 12 and 24 are without Text, are blanc and that is very sad. It would be very nice if that could be corrected
5/16/2021 c5 Guest
4/11/2021 c26 Jaye
Why would you have Harry give away his money. That is stupid. I’ll stop reading now. The story was getting boring anyway
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