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for A Ripped Memory

3/25/2008 c2 1Wint
;_; That is so sad! My god, everything ties in with each other so well! This was such a well mixed read. =]
1/17/2008 c2 22LifesLover
Oh so sad! But I still liked it. And I really liked the fluffiness. Poor Namine though. I feel bad for her. I really liked this. Great job!
1/17/2008 c1 LifesLover
I actually like RoxNam. I think their cute. And I loved the Deep Dive. Wow it was so cool. Ah, Riku. Love Riku in the second one. He's so hot. And I'm such a girl. But that's okay. Oh please put the second chapter up 'cuz I wanna know what happens.
1/4/2008 c1 6xxxNam-niCxxx
This is really good, and u can call it a twoshote since there is going to be only two chapters. PLEASE UPDATE SOON ^_^

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