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1/25/2020 c29 mumphie
Wow - quite an inventive tale. It was seeming a little convoluted (at least at first) and I was a tad confused and had lots of questions. But, then, more chapters rolled out and most of my questions were answered. You write a deep and intriguing story. It's been nine years since you posted and you were of the mind that you wouldn't abandon this story. So, with school finished, a new job? starting a family? travel? you haven't had a lot of time for your writing hobby. I hope there will come a time for you to find and dust off your muse and continue! If not, could you summarize what you wanted to happen, and who all were to survive the Dumbledor purge?
6/3/2019 c14 9Tempest Novastorm
Holy shite. im only 14 chapters in and you have managed to make me burst into tears
3/4/2019 c12 kv74
I don't know of I coud acept them as parents ever again. It was dangerous? Come in, what about Selena?
1/3/2019 c29 howlsword
very very good story , please update asap...
12/8/2018 c27 peteanderica
More please...
10/12/2018 c7 chloekitty
Good chapter
10/12/2018 c5 Zoeykitties
This story so far is very good, I hope you have time to continue with the series!
5/6/2018 c1 iworshipthedarklord
omg what
1/26/2017 c1 PLEASE READ ME
Really is/: are you really that type of person? (type word) wile /: real is, what is real, what is real?
6/6/2015 c12 3Ashlin Raine
This story is okay, but I hate 'Lin' she seems to be a bitch to me. I also think that it should have been obvious to Snape why Harry couldn't accept things, the man tortured him for five bloody years.
6/6/2015 c8 Ashlin Raine
Why is Harry just accepting whatever 'Lin' says? Why is he trusting the ring or even the potion? I find that he is active more like a moron than he normally does. He doesn't know 'Lin', so how does he know that she just doesn't want to kill him or something just as horrible?
1/26/2015 c17 misherukuro
Thanks for the fic. ,
1/19/2015 c15 Griffin Raven
Haeden basically had his whole identity ripped from him - or at least the identity of being "Harry Potter" that he always believed was true. I don't think that Haeden was in anyway weak, after all he was but a child, and he was manipulated by a very skilled wizard Dumbledore. Dumbledore had previously fooled many an old wizard or witch than himself. Haeden's very likely to a great amount of unresolved anger towards both Dumbledore and the Ministry. But I do feel that he needs to resolve matters with Severus and his mother - find a way to begin reconnecting with them?

Perhaps now the Haeden's learnt the truth about himself and his parentage - he can finally have a life as an anonymous teenager that's always been denied him? It would be good if Haeden finally got to experience some of the joys of being a child and having an older sister?
1/19/2015 c14 Griffin Raven
Can't help but wonder if the treatment that Harry/Haeden suffered at the hands of the Dursley's prior to getting his Hogwarts letter have had a more profound impact upon the young lad than any of the confrontations he every had with Voldemort and his minions - even in light of Dumbledore's betrayal? After all those early years from 1yrs until 11yrs would have definitely impacted upon him which undoutably made Dumbledore's manipulations and hidden betrayal much easier. Because if Harry/Haeden hadn't had such a rotten existence at the Dursley's he might not have such easy prey for Dumbledore's plan?
12/19/2014 c29 Guest
Hey ! I must say thank you very much for your story I really love it and i love your protrayal of harry and his story. I really hope you find the time to continue and update this story and even finish it !
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