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9/19/2011 c28 Little Bug1024
I believe he/she way over reacted over the top in fact. I would have asked the same thing you did... I also skip the A/N's most of the time as sometimes they give away a little bit about the next Chapter to where you don't need to read the next chapter and it ruins it for me. Other times i just get so excited for the chapter I skip the a/n for the story and forget one was posted.

I suggest you ignore the meanie if he cant take a simple question like that then maybe he shouldn't write fan fiction because should expect reviews and questions about it. It's Supposed to help you understand the audience point of view and take constructive criticism to make you a better writer.

As far as I understand it you were trying to help him out in case he hadn't realized he may have been plagiarizing another writer. Be confident in yourself and ignore this person he is just being way over the top dramatic. Or he was having a bad week and took it out on you.(being hopeful and kind here)

There are all kind of people who write or respond to people just to be mean and put others down hopefully this is not the case but i read a lot of reviews that do that and i believe it is wrong. I love reading more than writing stories so while I haven't had it happen personally to me I have read many reviews on other author stories that do this and I find it very sad that people can be so rude and inconsiderate of others. Keep doing what you are doing and keep your chin up and held high. Not everyone is like that.
9/19/2011 c28 32AngelOfContemplation
I think that the other author reacted very badly to your questions. As an adopter of another author's fiction, he should know that there will be readers who don't read the A/N or really pay attention to all of the summary for the fic. If someone needs to know what's going on, it shouldn't be such a hardship to tell them and in no way do you insult someone's intelligence when you don't even know them. So I think you reacted in a way that I know I would have. It was disrespectful of him to do that when he should have expected the question despite what he'd already explained. It happens as this is fanfiction and sometimes our brains go straight for the story because we usually don't have the time for the notes and want to get in our daily dose of happy before we're off to see the wizard or whatever.

Sounds to me like the guy either had somethin stuck up the wrong end or was for serious like pmsing. But, if he has to insult people who ask a simple little question just to get his jollies, then he'll always be in the wrong because it's not really that much of a hassle to answer questions, even if it gets repetitious. So just say, "nuh to you too buddy" and go about your business. It'll irk you for a little while, and you might boycott his fics but it'll go away once your muse takes you hostage again. ^_^
9/18/2011 c28 7tails doll curse
Nope. You were not the least bit rude. Not everyone reads the A/N everytime someone asks me a question I have already pointed out I simply put "Read the A/N in chapter #." That's it. I myself will occasionaly skip A/N's. It is human for us to ignore the boring and mundane and stick to the exciting and thrilling. You must always keep a level head and simply ignore those that don't. If they can't be civil then that is there problem not yours. I like how you managed and think you were the more mature one. I had something similar happen to me on Deviant Art a few weeks back so I can understand your dilema.
9/18/2011 c28 tigerslady08
Yikes that's harsh but I know what you mean. I had a similar instance like that with a very rude individual and I believe that people feel more free to 'yell' here because they are not physically talking to another person. I was angry for the longest time. Sadly, it also has discouraged me from posting any work I may come up with on this site. Sooooo, I support those authors with wonderful stories like yours because I couldn't write to save my life anyway. :-) Thank you for posting your story.
9/18/2011 c28 frostyhogwarts
The author has probably been getting very many comments such as yours. Yours may have been the one to snap the camels back so to speak. I myself am guilty of not always reading the authors notes. The author has probably been receiving some very nasty comments as well which is probably the reason for the block. Take it in stride. This will not be the last time someone goes off on you for any reason. You were not rude, just not fully informed. The AN should at the beginning not end of story. Life can be very hard and people can be very mean. Do not take it personally. Use it as a lesson to maintain your balance and you should do well in Medical College. Good Luck with the test. I hope this helps and I look forward to updates.
9/18/2011 c28 MooNTiKa
Forgive my English is not good, I'm using a translator. I am Spanish. That explains it.

First, if you have been polite at all times, the response of another author, should have been the same.

It's not your fault that people are not educated or been educated by their parents to know how to behave. If that person has decided to take this the wrong your words, your fault, but should have had the education to answer your comments in the same tone that you did them. I do not know what I mean.

In any case, it is my opinion. And for taste, colors.

Now, for your fic. Do not give up centuries ago to not read ... although the last time I read it was not registered in and added it to my favorites ...

Do not worry about what others think you should be yourself who is proud of you.

9/18/2011 c28 Slytherin66
I think BlackPrince24 was very rude and you were very polite asking a fair question.

The use of an A/N can be hit or miss some people read them others don't usually if a fic has been adopted there is something at the very start to say so. You make a valid point if the adopted fic has not been changed yet its not his work yet.

Do not let this rude and angry person upset you or allow you to doubt yourself some people are just angry maybe the question you asked has been asked many times and BlackPrince24 had enough but that is no reason to take it out on you.

I wish you well on the Medical College Admission Test I am certain you will do well.

Thank you for the update on the new chapters I do miss your work. Ignore BlackPrince24 and focus on the positve aspects of your life and all the people who enjoy your work.

All the best.
9/18/2011 c28 3FireSenshi2
I have to say that I agree with you, BlackPrince24 could have been a lot more diplomatic in their reply and it was very bad form that they criticised your skills just because of your response to them. I'm not sure if this is the right word but they are behaving very unethically. Even if the author had had dozens of similar reviews to yours or even had an off day they should still have tried acted politely in their response or at least not responded in anger.
9/18/2011 c28 8MythsterBlack
I, like most, NEVER read Author notes! In fact I go way out of my way to DELETE them UNREAD.

However, If it did not say in his primary story Summary (Main Page) that the story was adopted and from whom, then he/she needs to add that right in that (main Page) story summary for the very reason, no one reads Author notes! The sooner all you FF writers get that through your heads and STOP writing them, the better off we will all be.

Also while I'm here... And this is NOT directed at you specifically, BUT EVERYONE writing FF. All chapters need to have a chapter number as in Chapter 1,2,3,4, etc even if it is a prologue, interlude, intermission or epilogue. For Christ sake people, LABEL EACH CHAPTER. And each chapter should have nothing, that is not part of the story, NO disclaimers in every chapter; NO Summaries in every chapter especially if it is repeated; No author notes PERIOD; let the story tell the story. NEVER add an author note anywhere inside a chapter after the words Chapter # (Body or content of chapter) then EOC or TBC or FIN or THE END. I can not say loud enough LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

Suppose you want an aspirin from the med cabinet, there are 7 bottles with NO LABELS and YOU do not know what an aspirin looks like! Pick one! WE call that Russian Roulette! How can we find a chapter after downloading the story, If you the writer made one a 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 word chapter with no breaks? Think about that please ppl.

Drop down menu's ARE NOT to be relied on for ACCURACY! What if it says chapter 37 but it is really chapter 31 because you the writer had prologue, interlude, intermission or epilogues and didn't label them with a NUMBER. This is one of my insane pet peeves with FF writers. If you need an example of how to PRESENT a work of written fiction, then read any paperback or hardcover fiction and use that format for presentation.

I hope every FF writer READS THIS!

No... you did not seem rude, to me. He/she was very rude in his/her response to you.

9/18/2011 c28 8T-TrainOrTurkeyT
I feel sorry for you, especially since he is one of my author alerts. I am reading the story too. I don't think you did anything wrong. Some people just have temper problems and subsequently are rude when their tempers' do flare. Keep your chin up. If you want, when he posts chapters, I can copy and pm them to you. You can always use the anonymous signing feature to leave a review. There are ways to get around being blocked. Anyway, I'm going to patiently await your next chapter! Feel better!
9/18/2011 c28 Full Moon Mitsuki Koyama
In all honesty that author was extremely rude and you should not question yourself or your own intelligence over what they said. It was a simple mistake and they over reacted. So don't beat yourself up over it okay? You've got to be smart if your going to take an admissions test for a medical college! Just ignore the idiot.^.^
9/17/2011 c28 5arisflame
Yes, the situation could have been handled better (on your part), but people who adopt fics usually inform the reader of its adopted state in the fic's summery, not an A/N- especially one at the end so fault can not be placed solely on you.

Their overreacting, on the other hand... I doubt you were the first to experience that.
9/17/2011 c28 jlmac2000
At least you asked first its better then reporting it and getting them in trouble.

he/she has probably been asked that a lot
9/17/2011 c28 1yumi2482
I think that this person was extremely inconsiderate to do that to you and I know that you are a competent person from your writing, especially this authors note. It was an honest question and they reacted wrongly to it. Honestly I skip authors notes to sometimes so there is no reason to yell if someone asks a question from it because they skipped it or did not read it yet when they asked. Good luck on your exam and please continue writing.
6/15/2011 c27 3FireSenshi2
I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for your next chapters! I hope you have a chance to update soon! :)
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