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3/21/2015 c1 lilbit1016
Loved it
12/7/2013 c1 15Tranq. System
Moar! D:
1/12/2012 c1 Gabriella.Scarlet
Cool :)
1/26/2008 c1 18Tomoyo Kinomoto
This is...odd... *laugh* Sorry, but I don't know how else to explain it! Seeing Slade act all fatherly and stuff was weird! *sigh* Look, I'm really sorry that I can't read more of "Cat and Mouse" right now, but I am SWAMPED with work. However, I couldn't just sit by without congratulating you on reaching chapter 100 in "Cat and Mouse"! *grins* I hope that there is a snowday Monday so I can read more. *mock salute* Until next time.
1/24/2008 c1 6Balrog Roike

I know, I was supposed to do this a lot earlier, but I have to learn for the university and so on and on...

And I'm lazy and all this stories here on are too tempting and interesting...

Err... I'm quitting the poor excuses and appologies now and come back to the topic. *cough*

Well, my first question is not really about this chapter and how it is written. It's about Robins/'s(?) condition. I understood your former chapters contents so, that Richard is already immortal, even if a little weak and not as enhanced as Slade.

So it seems impossible to me that Slade worries about the possibility that he could die.

Later he says otherwise, but somehow your story seems to contradict themself there a little bit...

But besides that it is amusing to see him act like a little child near a temper tantrum or so... *bg*

Bad loser, huh? Or simply a spoiled brat? Pouting all the day?


But at least the flower-question is typical "Slade". *g*

Well, next question: Did I understand it right, that Robin really stopped breathing at some point? But lived on because of the immortallity-thing?

Or had he only difficulties?

At some point I agree with Robin: "Slade acting nice? This is too weird." Really!

I mean, wow, Slade is a softy. At least for his normal behavior XD.

And the idea of Robin and the nurse-bots makes me laugh. XD

Well, there isn't the chance that you could us give a little look in Ravens and Cyborgs adventures in the boot camp aka magic hat, isn't it? I'm sure it would be very interesting, even if I'm not sure if the villains only want to help Slade and be on his good side or if they really hold some respect and concern for Robin and are upset at him not being the leader of the Titans anymore...

Please, enlighten me *g*.

"I am god"? Wow, now that was Slade's modesty. Watch it die, you will never see it again...

Well, the end reminds me of some german comedian. He has a really fitting description of smug men and the effects...

I don't think that you know him.

It's a pity...

Well, I hope this review isn't too long.

If you want questions and reviews of the single chapters about the messaging system of because of the possible lenght of them, then I send my next text through it.

Unfortunally your e-mail system/firewall or so blocks my mails, so you can send me your reply if you want, but I have to send my texts through the systems.

Until next time,

Balrog Roike

PS: Do you know, that at some point of his life Richard Grayson was a part of the Secret Society of Villains?

As an undercover agent or so, but in the description is written that at this time he himself wasn't really sure about his standpoint and view on life anymore.

And guess who was his partner at this time... *g*
1/17/2008 c1 15JazRox
Good story, Loved it

1/15/2008 c1 6realfanficts
I can imagine what poor Beast Boy's face looks like. Something like that would ruin ANYONE'S appetite, at the very least.

OK, I knew Slade was bad, but I didn't realize ANYTHING could make RAVEN cry.

Beware of enemies bearing gifts...I would certainly be suspicious, too, if someone like Slade seemed to be acting nice.

OK, I'm back to spotting words for you...

You said "loose," which means "to set free," when you really meant "lose," which can mean more than one thing: the opposite of winning, or misplacing something (like an object or memory).

A "series" is a set of books or movies that are tied together by some common theme, character, place, etc. But you meant "serious;" which in the context Beast Boy used, he was asking if Raven was absolutely sure of what she was saying.

"Vile" is used to describe something aweful or evil, such as a "vile act," or a "vile-tasting medicine." You were thinking of a "vial," which is a small container especially for holding liquids.

"Threw" means to throw or hurl an object, while you meant "through," which in this case was used to indicate that Robin was wondering if Ariel had experienced what he was seeing Starfire experience while under Slade's care.

One of the most common mistakes made by ANY writer is confusing the three words "their, "there," and "they're." The first one is an indication of ownership, for example, "their idea" or "their money." The second, "there," indicates a place (i.e. "over there"), or it can be used to say something like "there is something we need to discuss." The third ("they're") is simply a contraction of the two words "they are."

"Shuttering," what you used, refers to shutters (a kind of covering to keep light from coming in a window). You meant "shuddering," which is shivering all over, whether from disgust, fear, or sometimes just plain being cold.

And a "revel" is a wild party, while a "rebel" is a person who refuses to conform, whether to certain standards, or to the governemnt itself.

Anyway, despite my nitpicking nature, I enjoyed this little "what if." You managed it very well.
1/13/2008 c1 authoroftherose
hmm good really well written!
1/5/2008 c1 2Balance in the Dark
Wonderful as expected and also anticipated. I did however really like the line, ‘Slade always was a man of his word. Even when he had to make up the situation that allowed him to keep it.’ Slade is really just too manipulative, but I love him for it.

And I liked to see Robin crack, just a little under the pressure. He’ so strong in the regular story, so it’s interesting to see this side of him.

Oddly enough I do have this other ‘what if’ that has bothered me ‘almost’ as much at this one but I don’t feel right about asking about it because I was just granted this one. Which I just adore! So, again if you need a break for writing about are dear Omen and wish to revisit a…different time, I do have another idea…

Loved it, it was great.

Laterness, BITD
1/5/2008 c1 87KaliAnn
I like this one shot. Thanks for the review of what was happening back then. It was very interesting to see Slade nurse Robin to health and the dealing going on between the two of them. It was so unreal to see Robin as Robin again and I can't wait read your update for the story.
1/5/2008 c1 37Dark Austral
That was a good what-if story. It was cute in a strange way to see Robin all emotional, but like Slade, it was great to have his old self back at the end.

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