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for Harry Potter and the Sword of the Hero

1/17 c28 dicksonrita75
how tf did the relationship with ginny after minimal conversations in the earlier chapters.. just turn to a full blown love affair. tether to life? blud tf.
10/9/2022 c31 14joggerwriting
I have read this story for more than 10 times already since I discovered the trilogy back in 2015 (late, yea I know haha).

This is singularly the most EPIC HP story I've ever come across and I've read plenty already! It's no wonder honestly that you've become a professional author when your 'early' (?) fic works were already filled with so many spectacular, action-packed scenes that come across so vivid in the mind of a reader like me.

You've written Harry's hero qualities so well here and I'm actually falling in love bit by bit with the characterization. This has become a sort of my comfort reading whenever I feel hopeless and mentally-exhausted in life.
8/11/2022 c2 The8thMarauder
Dumbledore did thing with a wand that few rarely even witnessed when he was in school so yeah he got similar results to these. Honestly maybe spend some more time learning about the universe you want to write about. Useless fic here is where I call it quits
8/11/2022 c2 The8thMarauder
How did 9 subjects become 14 OWLS there are shitty fanfics out there then there is this fan fic. Good job
8/11/2022 c1 The8thMarauder
Yes lets ignore all the laws and reasons why two wands connect and just use priori incantatem when we feel like it. Oh and lets create a fight between two of the most powerful wizards that ever lived and have them throw around reductos and expelliarmus’. Nice going
6/11/2022 c4 Elly
Angst is better just shown than constant whining about guilt. #1 pet peeve in hp fanfiction. hopefully it gets better.
5/16/2022 c4 ThunderSphinx
Harry should start conjuring multiple patronuses. Or make his stronger. When he was 13, his patronus could drive away over a hundred. Now he he can only drive off a few at a time.
4/14/2022 c1 Guest
since ibam an atheist... i have always known muslims are psychotic xD
4/10/2022 c9 Di Dreamer
Changing the number in the Call Box entrance made No Sense. The old number spelled out MAGIC, this one spells nothing. Also you are using passed, when the correct word is past. However, it is an interesting story.
3/4/2022 c1 6Millie15128
Since I'm a Muslim, I have always believed the Christians were evil and Turks were good (Jerusalem is one of our holy cities)! XD
1/21/2022 c31 2Smartyul
Yoooooo. This was epic so far.
12/10/2021 c10 3kittenclaws
loved the dr who reference there
11/8/2021 c4 3RueoDay
Okay, there's a lot of things I don't understand with this chapter. For one, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY ALLOWING HARRY TO GO TO THE FUNERAL BY HIMSELF WHEN HE WAS LITERALLY ATTACKED ONLY A LITTLE WHILE AGO? Why does literally ANYONE trust Dumbledore with Harry's safety? He's the one who didn't allow Harry to leave because it was supposedly the safest place for him but I still don't get why he doesn't just cast a Fedilius Charm on the Dursley house or better yet move Harry to a safe location. Why was no one watching Harry when he was attacked? And there's also the mind-boggling fact that no one tells Harry ANYTHING! It's frustrating for the reader and it's frustrating for Harry. Where is the harm in telling Harry that Voldemort might try to recruit him so that he's not unprepared for the possibility? Taking Harry to Diagon Alley without glamour and/or Polyjuice was irresponsible. Hell, Remus should be under polyjuice too. How is Harry planning on fighting this war when he literally knows 2 useful spells?
8/24/2021 c1 edoabb
To see that a fight between legendary figures is made up of spells known by fifth years in Hogwarts is a super let down, I mean where is the ancient magic, illusions, elements… not expelliarmus and reducto, has magic really stayed the same for a millenium? How disappointing
7/27/2021 c9 majikss
your oc is unnecessary
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