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7/17 c21 StacyStoryz
Wow! I love this! I was completely hooked! Nothing could convince me to stop looking at my phone (except a decent night's sleep). Although people who are obsessed with the HP books will notice that the story isn't exactly faithful to them

For example 1. Fred. He died! In Deathly Hallows! Although you probably kept him in so that they could be with Meg and Hillary (which was cool) and obviously the actual storyline too. 2. Dobby and Lavender. They died! In Deathly Hallows! I can't see a particular reason why they're in this unless you're going to update (more on that later). I do like the work Dobby does for house elf rights though.

There's some moments in it that I really appreciate too. 1. Harry's exit from the wizarding world. I almost chocked on my toast when I read that! 2. Mrs Weasley.
When Harry sees Mrs Weasley again it says all Mrs Weasley cares about is that her SEVENTH SON was back. My heart melted I swear! 3. It's hilarious. So funny I spat out my coffee - for real. (Everyone in the house was disgusted with me!) I think it's important that it's funny because in the books Ginny and Harry share moments where they catch each other's eyes over something they both find funny.

I hope you will update because I really like it personally and I don't think it's a good place to end it. You have got lots of people telling you to update and I don't want to be pressuring you if you're working on it. It says you haven't updated since 2011 - 10 years! You have probably stopped writing it though which is extremely sad. Maybe you check it from time to time? If you do please read this! Because I would really love it if you started writing it again although I don't think I will be able to convince you.

I know I must seem really judgy to you but I just have a lot to say and I really love love LOVE the story. You've actually got me interested in fanfic so I can't thank you enough. •‿•
12/8/2020 c21 Guest
i loved it please update
10/28/2020 c21 Unknown Fan
Are you planning to finish the story? Many fans are waiting you know .
Gosh! This fanfic is addictive.
10/21/2020 c21 Unknown Fan
Will you please consider completing the story? I am, like, completely obsessed to it. I have read a bunch of other fanfics too but they are way too gross. Yours is the best with the only problem that it is not complete. Please complete it before I grow old.
Thanking you
Your biggest fan
P.S- You have the true making of a writer, personally I think you can actually become a famous writer. That is, if you have not already become one. -
9/1/2020 c21 potterlove
hope to see you write soon
8/14/2020 c20 Guest
I let out a solid snort when I read the raspberry jam line this is amazing I love the way you writr
8/13/2020 c4 Guest
I love the way you maturely handled the more intimate sections of this chapter I know a lot of authors who would have as you put it "make Ginny wake up a very different person" also as a very nit pickey point, electronic devises of any kind don't work in Hogwarts, that includes treadmills
8/15/2020 c1 3Asmodeus Lestrange
i absolutely loved reading this some of the lines were truly laugh worth and i let out a snort after a few notable lines.
I would greatly enjoy whatever you would write it you were going to continue this story, i know 9 years later its unlikely however it would make a lot of people very happy.

-Asmodeus Lestrange
6/20/2020 c21 Guest
I need the next one
2/24/2020 c1 AMJ
One good story!
2/8/2020 c1 Guest
THIS IS SO AMAZING! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! Please don’t tell me it’s over ;(
2/7/2020 c21 Guest
This is such a creative story! It made me laugh so many times, and it was clearly really well thought out. I love Harry Potter, and I ship hinny the most, so this obviously was great in all the ways. I like the twist of Harry leaving the Wizarding world, because honestly, with all the loss he experienced, there is a chance he could have done it. Anyways, I loved your story, and I hope you can continue it!
6/28/2019 c2 fanficweird0
5/28/2019 c8 ok
did you get ideas from Gatsby?
5/25/2019 c21 Potter head 7530
You write amazing stories . I hope you write the part when harry and ginny gets married
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