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4/12/2008 c11 6IgnisDivine
Hey don`t get so worked up..it`s just fantasy after all. It`s not about us, it`s about the author. If ShikaIno hasn`t happened yet, and there are so many hints about ShikaTema, then there is no reason to get annoyed over this. You know, some people has been supporting even Hyugacest, or sandcest, or Uchihacest, but we all know that it hasn`t happened, and it couldn`t also :P But there are still some yaoi/incest fans. So don`t pay attention to this Naruto couples `fights`. These 3 chars aren`t even among the main characters, so the creators won`t pay attention that much that it`ll start a fight between the 2 possible couples. They`ll just show them (Shika and Tema) in the end, living `happy` at their house, and that's all. Ino will stay with Sai or with Chouji. If the anime hasn`t show even the slightest hint of a fight over Shika, then what`s the point in creating one? :)) It was more obvious Sakura`s and Ino`s one over Sasuke. And this shows how bitchy and childish is Ino, and Shika will never chose her. She is less mature than Temari. Although I don`t believe in ShikaTema neither, unfortunetly, even if I still like them. She is from Suna (and she is also ambassador, jounin and the kage's sister; let's think about all the work she has to do) and at 3 days distance there is Konoha, the place where he lives (and his important duty is to protect Asuma's and Kurenai's unborn child) so.. a relationship can`t develop well under those circumstances.

But if the authors wants them to be together, they will be. But they care less, so why much more caring from us? It`s totally unnecesary! :P

Sorry for this very long text. I`ve written much more than I usually do, and I think I also have some grammar mistakes, I`m not English d`uuh! But I also want to congrat u about the fic; it`s nice! :) Cya!
3/7/2008 c10 Cloud Envy Shikamaru
Awesome shikaXtema story!

shikamaru was so in character!

they way you describe temari was like perfect!

i love the ending! it was so cute!
3/3/2008 c10 10Unices
Nice story I give it a thumbs up. O.O d
2/18/2008 c10 Danie
you're right that song really does fit them and yes i listened to it back in chapter one. by really fitting them i mean a lot, so much that its kinda scaring me a little. anyways the story was good and funny. so two thumbs up...i guess. (shrugs) ok well i guess this concludes my little review.

Ja ne! ;)
2/17/2008 c10 animefreakoO

it ended! noo! .

it was really cute too.

I liked it. I hope you'll keep writing stories like this;]
2/4/2008 c10 10SoundsRight
aww so cute! XD
2/1/2008 c10 8Kryspix
yay! great ending :D
1/17/2008 c9 Kryspix
plz write about the wedding, i think that would be a lovely ending :D
1/17/2008 c9 luhzer
Very nice (:

I started laughing aloud about the American Idol part. I watched that too last night xP

Please write about the marriage!
1/14/2008 c7 Kryspix
no dont leave it at a cliffie! plz update soon!
1/14/2008 c7 1Ferb O. Oche
ah! a cliffy!

i cant wait for the update!
1/10/2008 c6 Ferb O. Oche
nice chapter!
1/10/2008 c5 8Kryspix
this is a great story :D keep up the good work
1/8/2008 c5 1Ferb O. Oche

i love it!
1/7/2008 c4 Jinchuriki
lol that was funny! temari's a little ooc but its really good! that song is one of my favorites so when i saw the title im like no that can't be but then i clicked and wow your doing a good job with this.

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