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for Every Other Midnight

6/18 c62 33reallybeth
Loved this chapter:)
6/15 c61 reallybeth
Omg I am SO relieved
6/12 c60 reallybeth
Oof that was harsh, James
6/10 c59 reallybeth
Hoping Remus gets better soon!
6/4 c58 reallybeth
Poor lily keeps losing people :(
6/3 c57 reallybeth
Sirius dealing with McGonagall lololol.
5/30 c56 reallybeth
The tasting the magic thing is super interesting. And my heart hurts for Remus:(
5/27 c55 reallybeth
Awww Remus. I just want to hug him
5/24 c54 reallybeth
Still loving this!
5/21 c53 reallybeth
Ok well that last part was ominous...
5/20 c52 reallybeth
Lily going back to be James 'student' will definitely be odd
5/16 c51 reallybeth
The Tom memories were CRAZY to read
5/14 c50 reallybeth
Oh Sirius...
5/11 c49 reallybeth
The house elf song was pretty clever, though a bit sad lol
5/9 c48 reallybeth
Glad lily has Petunia back on her side
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