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5/1 c31 33reallybeth
I feel all this talk about her and Sirius being in a relationship will come back and bite her in the butt
5/1 c30 reallybeth
Proof that she belonged there indeed
5/1 c28 reallybeth
Finally she and Sirius get to talk!
4/30 c25 reallybeth
Omigod. This was INTENSE!
4/30 c23 reallybeth
The patronus omg!
4/30 c22 reallybeth
They are getting closer :)
4/30 c21 reallybeth
I freaking knew the Slytherins were up to something!

I don't think John wants to though...
4/30 c20 reallybeth
Sirius is definitely trying to get under James’s skin. Great chapter! (Well they all are know)
4/29 c16 reallybeth
Ok sooooo

Sorry it's taken till chapter 16 to review but I've been so damn hooked I just go straight to the next chapter.

This story is amazing! I love how big of a part Hagrid has, and Sirius is hilarious. James and Lily, of course, are amazing as well. Loving this sm :)
3/13 c85 Luisa
every time I decide to reread this story (it happens quite a lot if i'm being honesty) it is extremely happy - as it is incredibly well written - and then extremely sad - as it doesn't have an end -. Did you really stop for good?
3/1 c85 SuraWaldelfe
i cannot believe this short chapter is where i am left offi have devoured this fanfiction in the last 3 weeks while visiting the most beautiful countries and still spending hours at night with this story being barely able to ease off my hands from the phone at 3:30am..
i went to see your blog and saw that you had made the offers for patreons against chapters and i wanted to ask whether it still stands?

and even if the readership may have died down, it also does so because of the inactiveness. But every one reader who still dutifully follows and hopes for updates will be eternally grateful so that even if you "only" were to spread joy to a handful it should give you a reason to bestow some beautiful EOM chapters upon us! i know that from other of my favorite long fanfictions that when they update my heart literally skips a beat!
so please please please do not forget about us!
1/2 c7 ressmania
Lah bukannya Lilly 3 y, dan Remus 7 y? kan jarak umur Lily ke James cuma 4,5 tahun
12/27/2023 c26 ShipSailed7
9/24/2023 c85 bellarkiaN
Hi! Just chiming in after my latest reread to say you still have people interested in this story, and any updates would be loved and appreciated! Also, have you ever considered posting this story on AO3? There's a ton of people there that would love EOM, and a wider audience could even generate more interest in the Relearning Magic trilogy! Just a suggestion, hope you are well :)
9/3/2023 c85 Guest
This fic is so important to me. I continue to read and re-read it, because your writing truly speak to my soul. It is so easy to feel exactly what your characters feel, their personalities are so well defined and multidimensional. You are really inspiring and set a (very high) standard for the community. It is true, you are a Writer and I feel honoured that I could read your work because gou shared it with us. Thank you.
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