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7/5/2023 c1 Biene93
I finished this fanfiction the second time since my start in Januar . I absolutely love your style lf writing and the character development! You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing this with us!
I‘m looking forward to another chapter!
6/27/2023 c63 Guest
I'm 63 chapters in and I'm finally caving to leave a review. It's now my favorite full-length fan fiction. I love Jily, and I was apprehensive to start this one because it's technically AU.

But whatever weirdness occurs with the Marauders and Snape being older than Lily (and James her professor, yikes!) is completely overshadowed by (1) how well the characters are written and (2) the depths to which you've imagined the inner workings of the magical world, specifically the way the Dark Arts interplay with politics and culture.

Sirius ... what a complex and dark way you've written him. So believable and I find myself simultaneously sympathizing with him and repulsed by him. Ugh, all the feels. His DADA lesson in this chapter is so good. It's clear you are a superfan and have put so much thought into this entire story. And then the "crumb bum" that keeps popping's just too good.

No one in this story is a caricature and no one is a flawless hero. I only wish I could write fanfiction with this level of depth, continuity and creativity.
1/20/2023 c85 Guest
The way that I am BEGGING YOU to post more updates. I think about this fic 24/7. This is a favorite of mine and I’ve been reading it since I was in highschool like 8 years ago. PLEASE UODATE I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU
9/12/2022 c1 CarolPotterhead
hey hey,

i've written a review for this story before (maybe multiple, i don't really remember). even though the story is not complete, it means so much to me. i found it in a time when my life was a mess, i was going through a lot. your writing gave me a reason to keep going.

i know it seems foolish, to put my hopes and "reason to live" in a fanfiction that is not even finished and is not even being updated frequently. but at the time i needed something, anything that caught my attention. and your story was it. at the time it hadn't been updated in 5(?) years, so i just kept reading what i had. then i decided to look into your profile to see if you were still active and i found your twitter and blog. i started following the blog and was so happy when you posted about getting back into eom and publishing a new chapter!

i understand if you want to give it up. this story is so complex, it must be a lot of work, mainly when you are focusing on other projects.

i've been (re)reading eom again (i've moved to a different country and the story brings me comfort) and decided to check the blog to see if you'd talked about new chapters. you mentioned on your blog that it didn't seem worth it to keep writing it, so i just wanted to let you know that this project is worth it for me.

i've read Relearning Magic 1, so i understand why you'd prefer to focus on your original work, you're a phenomenal writer.

lots of love,
8/10/2022 c85 1Kimberly Hart D.B.W
I’m recently out of a job so that gave me time to reread the story and catch-up on the “recent” updates.
It’s interesting, I looked back and I’ve left a review on this story 10 years ago, isn’t it wild? A little bit of a different experience reading it now but I must tell you it brought me comfort. It’s like a blanket from childhood that I’ve wrapped around myself and it calmed my anxiety for a bit.
I know a review doesn’t really matter in a grand scheme of things but I would love to read more if you ever find inspiration to update. It’s still one of better stories that I’ve read on fanfiction and i still wanna know where you want to take it.
6/19/2022 c85 ElmEnchanter
I cannot BELIEVE you posted two new chapters and I only just realised! I thought no way, zero chance of this ever getting updates, but I still read it right through from the start about once a year anyway because it’s one of my absolute favourite fics of all time. AND THEN I jump on to do my annual read and BAM two new chapters! I’m so stoked you have no idea how grateful I am for this.
Very intense Azkaban chapter, I genuinely almost thought Sirius had done what lily had asked but veryyy glad he didn’t. Love them, love you, so glad that you’re writing again. Will definitely check out your novella and anything else you’re able to publish :) hope you’re doing well and staying safe!
5/2/2022 c85 sundust7
Haven’t been able to put this down for a week and a half. Coming to its (hopefully temporary?) end brings me a sort of grief. Thank you for giving the Marauder era such tender thought and care. Words can’t begin to describe how engrossed this story had me. Happy to hear you are pursuing writing full time— I wish you the best on your endeavors.
2/26/2022 c85 Guest
I love it
2/24/2022 c85 Guest
thank you for coming back to this! I was checking back for minimum bi-annual read, and there was an update! thank you thank you!
2/24/2022 c55 Monisha11
Pleaseeeee update!
2/2/2022 c85 Kenz
Pleaseee update the storyyyy!
1/28/2022 c85 Luu Prongs
I have no idea whats to say about these last two chapters. I waited for them so long, I’m so happy they’re finally here, but at the same time they were so dense and hard to read.
Missed your written. And I miss carefree and loving Lily now.
What sirius said is absolutely true. Her beauty indeed is very related to her vivid personality.
Missing james and lily’s moments also. It’s been a while and she almost seems to relies more on sirius than james nowadays.
Hope you’re planning on keeping updating here. It brings a sort of comfort to read something that I’ve been reading for quite a long time now.
Lots of love,
1/28/2022 c85 tikitytok10101
Omg I’ve just read all of these chapters in 2 weeks, I’ve been obsessed!
1/26/2022 c82 Luisa
Oh my goooooood

I cant believe I missed these updates!
I'm cant express just HOW happy i am right now.
Cant wait to go back home after work and read.
12/7/2021 c85 Guest
This fic could not be more timely despite its having been published for years. Lily is the perfect example of that person who still keeps making excuses for their Art-Right friends no matter how much they hurt her or the people around her. No crime or violence they commit will get Lily, or the people in RL, to let them go.

And the world burns because of that.
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