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for The Greatest American Wizard

7/4 c1 James Birdsong
Nice tale in my opinion.
10/27/2017 c1 3Deathmvp
Very intresting story here. Thank you for posting it.
7/1/2016 c1 85Firewolfe
Nicely done I like it its an unusual cross. I always loved the series and I loved Ralph he was so decent and moral. Kind of innocent and niave but decent.
4/11/2016 c1 Netchka
Does that mean sequel? Maybe? Hopefully? Looking forward to reading more. Great story. The Greatest American Hero was one of my favorite shows.
8/16/2012 c1 12experimentalDeity
Awesome work!
11/22/2010 c1 JEREMY
Having just seen "The Deathly Hallows", I feel reassured knowing that,in an alternate reality,both Harry Potter and Ralph Hinkley have found something like a happy ending...

...and a new beginning.
5/27/2010 c1 Carycomic
An auspicious debut, indeed. Not many fanfic authors can balance "funny" and "touching," at the same time. But, you, have most definitely proven one of the rare exceptions.*

*Of course, it doesn't hurt that GREATEST AMERICAN HERO was one of my favorite weekly TV series, when I was a college freshman. ;-)
5/2/2008 c1 35Mary Rose
Not bad. I'm just not all that into Harry Potter.
2/17/2008 c1 3Shadarus
Wow, what an interesting premise! :) I wouldn't have thought to combine those two universes (though I LOVE both of them!) It could use beta-ing (for spelling and such) and it feels a bit crammed together... maybe stretch this into a two or three-parter and add more details and locations? Otherwise, WELL DONE! *applause* ~Shady
1/31/2008 c1 49Jo Z. Pierce
As far as the end..? Well, any new GAH fanfiction is welcome!

I usually don't do/read crossovers, but this was pretty believable. There were a few things that were not in GAH canon (such as Kevin being adopted, etc). But I guess with crossovers, canon tends to go out the window anyway.

I especially like how you explained why they appeared in the form they do.

If you continue, please feel free to get someone to proofread this and other chapters for you. It will be more readable that way. Go to the GAH fan forum at tgah dot proboards43 dot com and ask for a beta.
1/7/2008 c1 12Village-Mystic
Charming and plausible ... but with a lack of correct punctuation making it difficult to read at times. And Ralph is the son of DD's heir. Interestingly enough the theme song from GAH originally had the lyric - walking on "hair" and not "walking on air." Thanks for sharing.

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