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6/1/2009 c1 5Blackmoon OniOokami
That is sweet! I loved it! Keep Writing!
12/8/2008 c1 28Lady Domino


In caps to show emphasis!

Its so tender but also shows that battle between the two of them. i love the Tohru description, and again the way its just a very sweet innocent moment but it means so much to him. I really like the way you show Kyo seizing small victories whenever he can, but really appreciating how great tohru is.


feed the domino!

7/14/2008 c1 4animelvr23
aww kawaii! ja ne!~
2/18/2008 c1 sohmakid
2/8/2008 c1 4RabbitGal
Remember the disclaimer but other than that *tear in eye pose and bunny sparkles* It beautiful
1/11/2008 c1 1badwolf107
that was a rlly good story! rlly great descriptions, i could see what was happening in my mind.
1/11/2008 c1 10princess of chaos

babes, thats so wickid!

made me feel all mushy inside.

the description is amazing, love the style of ur writing. wonderful!

*princess_of_chaos shakes her head in amazment*

1/8/2008 c1 13Otaku-Rehab
that's so descriptive, i can completely picture everything. nice!


PS) chocolate-covered hatori? yum ...
1/8/2008 c1 Hatsy-chan
Wow, great idea getting the inspiration from The Time Traveller's Wife, one of my favs. Loved how i could actually hear the characters voices, perfect characterisation. Can't wait to see more of your amazing work! luv ya Hatsy-chan

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