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3/17/2013 c3 2SayaAlienor
I absolutely love your story. I read all chapters yesterday on my mobile because I could not stop :)
The only thing that bothers me a little bit, is the german part of the prophecy.
In German the badger is a Dachs, not a Biber. A biber is a beaver. So the sentence has to be: Der Dachs wird der sein, durch den alle Energie läuft.
It's because I'm german and I was a bit confused when I first read it :)
But it's just my personal opinion and I would not write much better in Englisch.
Anyway, now I'll go and read the sequel :)
12/7/2012 c2 4Sven Fenette
Whoooohooo! Hahaha... I find this quite likable. And I like the name Jason. It's my middle name. And Alice is sister's best friend. How is that?
12/5/2010 c34 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
amazing ending to an amazing story. I think ill hold off reading the begining of Red Dawn until tomorrow because I wont be able to get anything finished if i continue reading tonight lol. Because you storys just that good. Anway. Ttyt, when I review you sequal lol. :)

12/5/2010 c33 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Yay! Their all staying at the burrow :) well, except for Draco. :( Ah well.. But omg, Dumbledor is really dead? I though that he might come back. Well, I was hopeing he would come back.. But he didn't. :(( now im really sad lol... and now... your final chapter.
12/5/2010 c32 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
haha. I knew it for a while. :P And she rises again. Right? So she's still alive? Haha... thats good. Only two more chapters left! 33 and 34. :( At least theres a sequal though. Cause this story is really pretty good. I've never really read any storys like this one. Which is good. Originality is awesome. Lol
12/4/2010 c31 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Awesome chapter. Jason was totally freaky. Which was soo cool lol. Can't wait to read the battle scene. Too bad I have to wait until tomorrow becaue I'm about to fall asleep. :( Ah well, whats 18 hours of agony. I would totally read it, but that risks the chance of me falling asleep in the middle of the chapter and potentially leaving my laptop on all night, which wouldn't be all the bad considering it goes into hybernation mode after 10 minutes. But still. Ill just read it tomorrow. 3 more chapters! :) Ahh! lol

12/4/2010 c30 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
I dont like the title of this chapter. "Calm before the Storm" but thats so cute with Hermione and Jason. I wonder what Dumbledor and Madame Maxime were talking about. Ah.. who knows. But only four chapters left in this story :( Thats kinda sad. Good thing theres the second story lol. Can't wait to read that. Hopefully it's just as good as this one was.

12/4/2010 c29 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
okay. Sorry, but i just had to laugh at the "After several moments of mainical laughter" bit. Just picturing it, Dumbledors expression, when voldemort wrote that, oh, just to funny lol. And Jasons the Gryffendor, because of the vision... "The Lion will come forward when the passion and intellect are united to save a life" So that means Hermione is the Water Element. Oh, so shes going to die, but at least she will rise again. Right? So that means she will come back to life? Or will she die, because Dumbledor said, not all of them might make it, so that might be foreshadowing something. Oh drat. I don't wait Hermione to die. Her and Jason are such an amazing couple. And Jason's brother just died. Imagine how he would feel. But I guess I could tell it was coming, because i've been kinda thinking Hermione was the Water Element for a while now. But maybe shes not going to die. Because "First to rise again" so.. that must mean shes comes back to life. Hopefully she does. But it says first. So does that mean other people in the pendant die and come back to life too? Oh great! Thats just wonderful! Anyway. Good chapter, though its given me a lot to think about. lol.

12/4/2010 c28 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
heh, I knew it. :) Rons the fire element. And at first I was confused as to why Jason and Hermione were worried, but now I get it. They were worried because they know that one of them is going to have to be the Water Element. And they don't want the other to die. But wow, amazing chapter. Ginny/Draco AND Ron/Alice almost getting some lol. And poor Sirius, I mean, thats his godson lol. Well.. anyway, awesome story, can't wait to read the next chapter. :) Tty in the next review.

12/4/2010 c27 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
OMG! RONS THE FIRE ELEMENT! I KNEW IT! :D that was so sweet! :) -the song i mean- lol, every part was a good match for the person singing. Especially Draco and Jason. Mostly Jason though lol. And it even kinda fit Ron and Harry if you read into it a LOT lol. But that so exciting. Now we know all the parts of the pendant! :) This is so awesome! I'm going to go now, so I can read more of this awesome story.
12/4/2010 c25 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Well that was just a tad bit morbid. But i liked it :) well not like that lol, just that it was well written. And I would have thought that Ginny would pick Hermione to be her Maid of Honor, considering they are such close friends. I mean, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor don't have to be dating each other lol. But if that were the case, Draco could choose Jason. I mean, they have the most in common out of all the guys. Aannyway.. I wonder why Professor Snape did that. Btw, is he Good or Evil in this story. This was like the first time he was mentioned, so I might find out later, but Ill ask right now cause I feel like it lol. Anyway, can't wait to read the next chapter. Talk to ya in the next review.

12/4/2010 c24 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Amazing. But the boy was Jason and Alice's little brother? Thats so sad. :( Can't wait to read more other this story. It's almost over :( Good thing theres a second story to this lol. Tty in the next review. :)

12/4/2010 c23 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Woah, didn't see that coming. Madeye has a younger brother? And oh.. that poor boy. :( Maybe Ill find out who he is next chapter.

12/4/2010 c22 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Yay. Now Draco has absolutly no reason to ever be associated with the death eaters ever again. Since they no longer have access to kidnap anyone he loves. And now we get to find out what happened at Dragonfire! :) But it sounds bad because Madeye said "long and painful" damn.

12/4/2010 c21 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Poor Harry lol. But yay! Ginny's the wind Element. Let me figure out who all we know has their part in the pendant.

Jason is Gryffendor: (maybe) Because every couple has a house and an element, and Hermiones parents aren't dead.

Draco is Slytherin: Because it's already been reveiled.

Cho is Ravenclaw: Because it's already been reveiled.

Alice is Huffelpuff: Because she's the only Hufflepuff out of the eight of them.

Hermione is Water Element: (maybe) Because she was the first one of the whole group to "love".

Ginny is the Wind Element: Because it's already been reveiled.

Ron is the Fire Element: (maybe) Because of his firey red hair. (not sure, just a guess)

Harry is the Earth Element: (maybe) Because thats the only part of the Pendant left. (again, not sure)

So... am I right?
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