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12/4/2010 c20 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
aww! Ginny and Draco are getting married! yay! Thats so awesome. But wow. 3 people in the pendant were 'sorta' traitors! Wow. Every single couple except for Harry/Cho had little lies in it. Thats, well.. just wow. for lack of better words. But yay, Jason's alive and Hermione and him are back together. It's a good thing Hermione and Ron were so understanding. Unlike Ginny, but hey, she had good reason. At least she believed Draco. Glad Sirius was there before hand lol. Amazing story so far. Totally hooked! Can't wait to read more.

12/4/2010 c19 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
OMG! Was he the water element? Because he was the first to love, when he made love with hermione. And he kinda died and came back cause he said he fought off death. So that would explain, "First to love, first to die, first to rise." Part of the profecy. But that wouldn't make sence because in every couple theres and element and then a "house" person, you get what I mean? like from the hogwarts houses. But the gryffendor person would have to have their parents dead. So hermione cant be the gryffendor part of the pendant. So that means Jason cant be the water element. Hermione has to the water element. Damn im so confused lol. But so glad he's awake. Too bad Hermione had JUST gone to the room of requirments when he woke up. That was bad timing lol. Can't wait to read whats next! :)

12/4/2010 c18 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Oh. My. God! Hopefully Jason isn't dead. And to leave the story right there! Thats evil! lol, soooo glad I wasn't reading as you were posting these chapters because I would have died during the time I didn't know what happened to him.

...Well.. Not really, but I'm naturally a very curious person so it would have bugged me to death. So glad I can just hit the .next. button and read what happens. :)

12/2/2010 c17 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
What. The. Hell! They had JUST gotten back together. What is wrong with you? Poor Hermione at first. Then seriously poor Jason. Hopefully they talk and work things out. I seriously hope that. But You said Hermione/Jason fans would be even angrier next chapter. What else did you do? Now to the good stuff. Yay! Harry and Cho did it. lol. And in a closet. Sexy. Guess their going to get a talk from Dumbledore too. But I thought Dumbledore had told Jason and Hermione, well, very *subtly* (not really lol) hinted at them not to have sex at Hogwarts anymore until they were of age. Unless I took that wrong when I read it lol. But then they had sex right agter he left. Strange. Anyway.. kinda regretting reading this chapter because now I really want to read what happens in the next chapter. But I'm not going to because I know ill just want to read the next chapter when I finish 18 because thats how good they are. Lol, and your cliffhangers are pretty good. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

12/2/2010 c16 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
That ending was.. just.. wow. Wonder what Dumbledore has planned? *grins evily* he's probably just going to expell them though, huh? Hopefully not. lol, but I wonder what their mission is. Its seems bad though, because Jason doesn't want to do it. And those Will and Kyla want to continue it and saying they have to, and those two arent very nice people. Maybe will might be a little, I mean, he was put into Ravenclaw, so he has to have some sence. But Kyla was put in Slytherin, so we know shes no good lol. I was going to stop at this chapter and get some sleep.. but now I'm really curious of what their talking about, so I think I can deal with one more chapter tonight lol. Amazing story so far. :)

12/2/2010 c15 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
omg i know the forshadowing. Hermione is the Water element. Because she was the first to "love" Im guessing because Jason and her made love. But it says first too die. Does that mean some of them will die? and Hermione will be the first. Then it says first to rise. Soo.. she will rise? like, to heaven? or like. come back alive? Hopefully its the latter. Good story. Loved the ending. That was a good way for them to get back together. Lol, makeup sex. But in a twin size four poster bed in the boys dorm room? lol. Not the ideal place. But really, what place would be. haha

12/2/2010 c14 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
You must like Rascal Flatts lol. And omg, I swear if Joseph is makeing out with another girl.. well, i'd just be happy because that would give Hermione a valid reason to break it off with him. I always knew he wasn't such a good guy. The way you were forshaddowing things lol. And I was feeling bad for him, with Hermione just dumping him, when I was thinking he hadn't done anything. but... not now! :) hahaha

12/2/2010 c13 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
wow. I was all happy because Sirius was supposed to be back, but turns out hes just a ghost. D: Hopefully not forever though because you said he could maybe come back to human form. And poor Jason. :( And Hermione. Though more Jason than Hermione because she's the one that went one rebound. Not him. And she didn't even need too. Not that she knew it though. That Joseph guy should just go die in a deep hole. Oh! And Alice is the hufflepuff part of the infinity pendant because she's the only hufflepuff out of the eight of them. And Cho has to be the Ravenclaw because she's the Ravenclaw in the group. And Draco has to be the Slytherin because he's the only Slytherin. I have a hunch that either Jason or Hermione will be the Gryffendor because one person from each couple is the house part of the pendant, so maybe the other person in the couple will be the element part of the pendant. That would be cool. Just guessing, but Idk. :) Love this story so much! It's turning out to be way better than I excpected. And I expected it to be pretty good ever since the second chapter. Because that second chapter got me hooked :)
12/2/2010 c12 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
OMG! Sirius is alive? AAHHHH! I'm going to leave a short review because I want to hurry and read how! :D :D :D :D

12/1/2010 c11 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Awww... Hermione NOOO! Don't do that. Poor Jason :( I have a bad feeling about that Joseph guy. The way your forshadowing. With Harry and Ron not liking it. But saying she can date whoever she wants. It just got a bad feeling. Jees, this one of those rare Fics that actually feels like a real story, because its got good and bad. Even forshadowing! I love it! lol. And Harry and Draco friends? Sooo weird lol. Going to take a while to get used to that. haha. I've noticed... you use "As if on cue" a LOT lol.. not that its a bad thing. Just something I noticed. And now.. It's time for me to leave. D: But i nead to give my brain some beauty rest. Got class tomorrow. Test. Urg. I have that time after thanksgiving break before winter break. The worst. Well okay, thats a lie. But its almost the worst. lol.

12/1/2010 c10 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
That ending was a tad sad, now wasn't it... :( Hopefully they come back. But, they've got to haven't they? I mean. They're part of the infinity pendant. And you have a really long story, and its only the 10th chapter. They can't just leave and never come back. Plus a sequal. Where it has "8 heros" So yea. Just confirmed it for myself. They have to. Wonder how Hermione is going to act when Jason comes back. Ron too. :D Can't wait till then. Guess I'll just have to read about Harry and Cho till then. *Dramatic sigh* lol. No. I love Harry/Cho. Maybe there will even be some Ginny/Draco? Hmm... Hopefully. I want to read how you portrayed Draco's charactor. How you made him one the light side. (AU) Hopefully it's not cheesy. That would suck. But no.. I don't think it will be because everything else you have written isn't. And it's also pretty good. So I think it'll be a safe bet to say your Draco will be a good charactor to read lol. Now... On to the next chapter! Last one for the night. :( Trying to pace myself haha. And I also have class tomorrow morning. So, don't want to pull a Jessica and stay up all night. lol. Anyway. TNWM... idk, just felt like it. lol :)

12/1/2010 c9 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
WOAH! That was totally awesome! It was hilarious how they found out. "Your a wizard?" "Your a wizard?" lol.. well not exactly like that but still. Funny stuff. And poor Ginny. Forbidden loves the best. Do we have a -young little wizard- Romeo and Juliet going on here? lol. Tty, in the next review. Lol.

12/1/2010 c8 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
That last sentance was such a Debbie Downer. :P Loved the awkward moment when Harry and Cho walked out of Harry's room. lol :) Everyone was with everyone that night. Except for Ginny. Poor Ginny :( But I'm guess Ginny is the wind element because She's uniting Slythering with Gryffendor. Right? lol Oh, and I think I know who the people were. Tell me if I'm right. Jurgen Jord: Earth Element (It was the last one. Used the system of fill-in-the-blank lol), Ivan Incendia: Fire Element (Incendio, duh!), Anastasia Acqua: Water Element (Acqua mean water, of some sorts lol), and Victoria Vent: Wind Element. (Vent blows air. And also Ventana means Window in spanish. Take off the Ana from Vent, & the Ow from Wind. And there you go) Was I right? Loved this chapter it was amazing.

12/1/2010 c7 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
OOooohhh.. Some Harry and Cho action! Always good, always good. Glad you skipped all the awkwardness and made Harry pretty confident :) Confident!Harry is a sexy Harry lol. Can't wait to read more. This story just keeps getting better and better.
12/1/2010 c6 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Aaawww. That was sweet. But no kiss? *Hunts are around... leafing through a giant pile of rubbish* "Where the hell is a fucking mistletoe when you need it! lol Liked the visions bit. Especially where Alice showed Hermione the past. Harmony is a pretty name. And it does really sound like Hermione. hmm.. who knew? How does Jason know that the "bruise" wasn't a bruise. He knows just as much as everyone else, doesn't he? Hmm.. curious. Veery curious.

Olivander: Hey! Thats my line! Yea, I'm a bit cookoo.

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