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12/1/2010 c5 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
I was right! I was right! *happy dance* Ginny WAS talking to a slytherin! And I was kinda guessing Draco but I didn't want to say anything. So is Draco the last person in the infinity pendant? That would be cool. Draco pretty awesome. Okay, he's kind of a bitch in the books.. but I'm sure you wrote him differently lol. And damn. This chapter didn't even answer and questions. Well, except for who Ginny was talking to. Which was a pretty big one now that I think about it lol.. But i still have a ton of questions forming in my mind. I love storys that do that. Until a few minutes...

12/1/2010 c4 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
OMG! Ginny was lying to them about her dreams! Is that what you meant when it talked about her hoping Harry would understand and hope that the guys wouldn't be mad at her for lying. But now that I look back... that doesn't really make sence. Hmm.. confusing. And who could be on the reciving end of the that letter? Is it the last person in the infinity pentant. Cause I'm guessing Cho is part of it. Maybe its a slytherin. Because the book said theirs on of each. And the profecy said theres a slytherin too. Maybe.. hmm, I have some guessws but I don't want to voice them because I'm probably wrong. But, if Alice and Ron are together, and Jason and Hermione are together.. and kinda Harry and Cho are together... Maybe Ginny's with that person the last person in the infinity pendant. That would make sence because she wouldn't want Harry or her family to know she was dating a slytherin. Assuming that the person shes writing to is the person in the infinity pendant and their a slytherin. Maybe.. hmm.. idk. And WTF with Alice reading peoples minds and Jason moving things with his.. Both with minds that cool. But also freaky. I thought they were going to tell them that they were wizards. Are they even wizards? And whats up with the bruises on everyones chest. Idk, but I;m guessing when you said their upperleft chest it meant it was above their hearts. Strange. Hopefully some of these questions get answered in the next chapter. :)

11/30/2010 c3 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
I am not ashamed to admit, that I went through and translated every single line that, well, wasn't in english. Heres what I sorta gathered. the element water: first to die first to rise first to love.. something like that idk who that could be. Well some guesses but not going to state them because I'm probably totally wrong. The element wind: two familes, they are going bring them together turn their hate into love no clue.. guessing this is someone not already known in the pendant group.. lets see, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Alice, Jason.. maybe cho.. but she hasn't told them her dreams so idk, maybe ginny, cause she keeps traveling with them so im guessing that means something, but she hasn't had the dreams.. well, not that i know of. So thats 5, maybe 7. So there's one more, who has to be either a slytherin or hufflepuff, because those are the two houses that are left open. back with the translating. the element earth: will not have any mother or father guessing thats harry alice or Jason. my first guess was Harry but idk, because those other two have no parents either. element fire: loyalty and manhood (manhood? hope its not what im thinging), hm.. im actually kinda guessing this is either Ron, or Ginny (cause their firey hair -it would only seem fitting-) and because Rons such a loyal friend. But Ginny really loyal too.. but, idk if shes even part of the infinity pendant. And shes also a girl, and it says manhood. But could mean like, mankind somewhat. But I have a feeling its a guy lol. beaver will be all the power of will.. Beaver? guessing this means whoevers in hufflepuff. because hufflepuffs sign is the beaver right? and ravenclaws is the eagle? Or is it the other way around? The eagle will be hesitated on loving, but will soon show strong passion.. Cho? cause she's in ravenclaw. Or maybe Jason or Alice is placed in ravenclaw. Are they going to Hogwarts. Im guessint because it talk about the four class groups. THE SERPENT, treacherous AT FIRST, his ways to repair the love and destroy the evil in your blood! Guessing this also deals with wind. because its like two families, will bring them together in love and not hate. But its just a guess. You can laugh, its okay. I can't see you. lol. Anyway really loved the chapter, now I've got a lot contemplat as i click the button to go and read more of this awesome story i stumbled upon. I actually stumbled upon the second story to be exact, in the updated seccion, but it said sequal and it looked good so i am reading the first in the two book series. Which reminds me. Is it going to be three book series? Or just two? Anywaaays.. loved the chapter. Your a pretty good author.


ps: Sorry I made another long review! :P I do that sometimes. You'll have to forgive me. I'm an OCW. aka: obsessive compulsive writer. But i bet you had already figured that out.
11/30/2010 c2 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Intense. At first I was all like. "Aww.. Hermione has a crush, thats so cute! :)" And then.. KABAM! They were attacked! I was like woah, wtf? So not prepared for that!... Even though I read you authors note at the begining. Yeaa...

11/30/2010 c1 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Awesome first chapter. Just found this story. You might find it annoying, but I review every chapter I read. No matter how Good. Bad. Long. Short. Or just plain boring. Unless it's so boring that I can't even finish it. But, if i can see the .Review. button, I'm clicking it. I will always point out mistakes too. (Sorry) Not really grammer though lol, because that would make me a hypocrite. Considering how horrendous my grammer can be on my rough drafts. More like story detail and Canon detail if the story is Canon. And if the story isn't good, I won't go fake gushing over how amazing it is. I won't say anything rude, but im not going to go, "Oh, I loved it. Please write more just like it. I can't wait read more of your awesome story!" And now enough about me. On to the reviewing lol. I actually really liked it. Just thought you should know, Harry shouldn't have to worry about how Cho knew where to send the owl because owls automatically know where to go to deliver the letter. Not that I'm asking you to change it or anything. 1 because I know 99.9999% of the time the authors never do, and 2 because it's not that much of an important detail to make that big a deal out of anyway. Also, I was wondering, is Cho going to end up with Harry, because from what I've read so far it kinda seems like it. If thats the case... YES! There is not enough Harry Cho action going around on FF.net. I love them as a pairing. Not that I hate Ginny/Harry. I just love Cho/Harry a LOT! lol Harry always seems fit to be with an older woman because he's had so much happen in his life that he is really mature for his age, so I think Cho fits him better than Ginny. Not that I don't love JKR's version of the story. Because its Ah-mazing. But in fanfiction I tend to read more Cho/Harry than Ginny/Harry -when i can get my hands on it :)- but also because when i read fanfiction i tend to not read Canon pairings as much because if i wanted canon pairings i would read JKR's version, which tromps anyone's story like an elephant does a flea. Although idk if elephants can tromp fleas, considering that they're so small and all. Anyway! Enough rambling on and on. I think this was a really good first chater and I can't wait to read more.


ps: My reviews won't be this excrutiatinly long in the future. Sorry about this one. :)
3/8/2010 c34 1Another Story
WOW! Three words a-maz-ing! The story was filled with adventure, romance, sadness, happiness, shockness and loads more! It's very surprising that you only got 46 reviews because that was one of the best stories I have ever read. It was so exciting that I finished it in less than two days! I hope you update more of 'The Red Dawn' because I'll be catching up.
11/26/2009 c34 4Raggio
Hey I really enjoyed your story mate. There's only one thing that I think you could work on for the next installment and that's Hermione. She just seems so...weak in this story. I'm not trying to be excessively negative or anything just offering my opinion and I hope it doesn't go down badly. But I really feel that Hermione is a much stronger character that this. She's well capable of defending herself if the occasion calls for it and although I get that it may have been neccessary to the story for her to be saved by Jason most of the time I really think that you could have made her stronger and more capable. No other complaints though I throughly enjoyed the story and can't wait to get stuck into the next one. Harry Potter and The Red Dawn isn't it?
10/1/2009 c34 Daydreams in Purple
heey... i loved it.. ive been needing to smile all day, so thanks for that.

great job! im off to read the sequel

loved it, i love hermione and oc's, they are something new and different :D xx
8/12/2009 c30 12SilverPotion205
you didn't say the name of the song! lol
8/12/2009 c21 SilverPotion205
wow, this story is really good so far. you have excellent writing skills! :)
12/7/2008 c1 teachergirl
I read a couple of paragraphs and stopped. It is obvious you don't know much about the HP world because a TV won't work in a magical home. And why would Harry be having dreams for three years and not tell Ron or Hermione during all of that time. Also, Harry has to stay at his Aunt's house in order to have the blood protection. I don't think you know enough about the HP world to write a competent story. Find something you love and write about that.
10/6/2008 c34 6David Fishwick
Awesome story and thanks for writing.
9/8/2008 c34 4QwayMelqnu
Great story, the only change I would make would me to change the title to, "Jason Saint and the Infinity Pendant" and change the pairing from Harry/Hermione (which was the reason I started reading this one, only to find out that they weren't going to be paired up) to Hermione/OC or Harry/Cho.
8/4/2008 c1 2Lord Hallowell
I have only read the first chapter and I am hooked.
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