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6/4/2019 c1 Guest
I have so many questions and want to hear more! Very well written!
9/10/2013 c1 10berryboom
12/16/2012 c1 8oatmeal.cookie.luvr
Ooh. I just got chills(:
2/22/2012 c1 11Blossoming-Bn3k
Strange...but interesting. :) Your vocabulary is good. Excellent imagination, and a taste of creativity. :D
10/4/2011 c1 12zgs1994
i dont really get the ending... :/
8/4/2009 c1 O.o naruto
i thought it wass preetyy god but wahts a fray
10/23/2008 c1 bcnxkdhjvb
Very dark chocolate-y. If you get my drift.

I really liked the grim kind of romance, and the mystical vibe. I loved how it seemed disjointed at first, and all wrapped up neatly at the end. Certain parts made me think of a Tim Burton film. Or something along those lines. Yeah.

The button-thing gave it an air of innocence, too, which really added to the overall story.

Sweet job.

6/11/2008 c1 1JupiterGrace
Aw! I loved it! you could've made it into a longer story! i would've enjoyed that! teehee! keep up the good work!

~ Deadly-Syn ^.~
5/11/2008 c1 3CrystalDaggerz
Interesting. Easily the best oneshot I ever read. If your looking for variety, trying writing a TenTenNeji oneshot, I know I'd be appreciative of it-its bound to be good after all. Good Job with this one, I give you three thumbs up.


4/26/2008 c1 23city with no people
I like this oneshot very much. It's got a great-excellent, actually-emotional range, everything from melancholy to sweet.

Good job on this story; I think it fits all the characters perfectly. Love it.
3/1/2008 c1 5The Square
beautifully written. i love it, love it, love it.

2/18/2008 c1 13RofS
That was, actually, pretty good! I liked the plot - original, not having Hinata totally rich.

I'd just like to point out that 100 Japanese yen is equivalent to 1 USD. So, really, you had Sasuke bribe Hinata with a dollar.
1/19/2008 c1 3dragontamer16
That was amazing! This story is going on my favorites! I'm speechless!It's so original, five stars!
1/17/2008 c1 Wabi
I did like it. Modern Faerie tales fascinate me.
1/14/2008 c1 38Annie Sparklecakes
Wow, that was amazing. Sad, yes, but incredible nonetheless. The language was very fitting, and the characters were perfect. The style was pulled of really well, the plot waqs very interesting, and your words fit the whimsical idea of fairies very well.

This I loved a lot:

“What are you?” Sasuke asks the quiet girl. Itachi can hear him from across the street: his brother speaks loudly like small children do.

What are you, not “what is your name” or “how do you do”. Itachi shakes his head. His brother has no manners.

I'm not too sure why. But I adored it.

A few minor errors, but everything else was fabulous.
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