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for Sleep

10/8/2011 c1 1Immortal Bubblewrap
You made me think he was awake untill the very end and then I was like, AHH! NOOO! But nah, I like this :) It was really well done. Good job!
8/9/2011 c1 6SamIAm7254
Awww that was adorable yet sad. Poor Draco. It was really really good.
11/20/2009 c1 60CutewithAcapital-Q
Oh, thats soo sad, but really a beautiful poem
1/15/2008 c1 2Shiniryuu
GAH! Jules! It's so sad! ::cries:: It's really good though!
1/12/2008 c1 3xLyss
Wow, powerful. I love how you lead the reader on, then finally surprise them with a 'he's dead' at the end. I also love how you leave the option as to who is observing Draco open, pleases readers of all sorts of 'ships.

Keep up the great writing!
1/12/2008 c1 17saphirefox-irl
It's really good, I wasn't expecting the end!
1/11/2008 c1 19Geeky Blue Strawberry
...Wow. That actually shocked me quite a bit. I found myself really liking this little ditty, though. =P Very well done!

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