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4/14/2019 c16 Layla MT
6/28/2016 c17 thor94
the story become more confusing with all alternate people.
12/7/2015 c15 7YugiYamiAtem
Dang it~ time to play the waiting game! The story is awesome. Though the idea of putting the flashback within the story is well thought out it can be confusing at times coming into a chapter like that. Keep up the hard work can't wait for next time~Adieu!
8/17/2015 c15 thor94
really confusing chapter.
the guardian separated from young chris (the real one) and let him most of his power? and after he give his last bit of power he will die?
if yes, pretty good, finally young chris will become the central character of the story (not a guardian, not an insane chris or future one, but the young chris from anime)
8/17/2015 c15 1KenGreenmanFTW
Ok, now I can hold off till next chapter! This was great way to do this! I was hoping they would split back into 3 in this chapter! Nice job, can't wait to see how it ends.
7/5/2015 c1 KenGreenmanFTW
Btw, why is this rated M? Not that much blood or f bombs, or any sex for that matter...
7/5/2015 c13 KenGreenmanFTW
I am already thinking of awesome ways for this to end next chapter! Please more! And please tell me update is soon, I finally find another fan fiction as good as my brothers keeper and come to find it's barely updated! I can't stand this uncertainty, confusing but now makes more sense please finish it up next chapter, if trouble on ideas let me know!
7/5/2015 c14 KenGreenmanFTW
OMG! Story so detailed, awesome and complex! Just caught up! Please finish up!
6/27/2015 c14 thor94
strange chapter.
little chaotic.
but seriously i hope you plan real (young) chris come back very soon and recover his body control (for a while this time)
5/27/2015 c13 4Lord Geovanni
Such an interesting story. I just found it, myself, and yet it shows a level of dedication that isn't so common among fanfiction, abet they should. I am particularly surprised and pleased with the first several chapters where you write in ways that you don't fully detail out who is talking or thinking. It made everything extremely confusing, and I wish there was explanations for each chapter, however it added to the mystery of the lost future. It still is something that I wish you explained in an AN near the end of the chapter, but it is something that made me have fun understanding what it was that each character was experiencing. Like the scene with Silver first feeling rain.

With all this is to say, I am quite hopeful for the next chapter. I do have to ask though, how often to you update? With the story starting over 7 years ago and 13 chapters to show, is there a new chapter every 6 months or so? I am so eager to hear more of this story that the wait is going to drive me crazy :P
5/26/2015 c13 thor94
interesting and confusing.
look older chris is out again
so the real chris (young one) is always absent of the plot, when the young will become the main character?
2/4/2015 c11 thor94
really complicated story.
young chris is mainly too much useless as his canon self anime.
hope he gain power soon with old chris fading.
2/4/2015 c10 Guest
Has anyone gastric lavage something!
12/30/2014 c9 jozs001
More questions but getting even more interesting... update soon!
12/30/2014 c9 thor94
good chapter.
the young chris begin his transformation into guardian
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