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3/16/2018 c4 14atlan2007
Great story!
5/15/2017 c1 dolph01
I love everything about this, especially O'Neill calling John a dragon. :D
12/14/2013 c2 Rokimbo
This story makes me so happy. I'm re-reading it for the umpteenth time and I just love it - it's one of my favorites.
3/18/2013 c4 15magical-mystery-girl
Awe! I loved this story! I especially like how you made Atlantis almost a living thing that could communicate! I really liked that part! _ Great job!
5/1/2010 c4 32Divinia Serit
I just rediscovered this story again, and I've forgotten how much I love it! You did an amazing job with the characterization. *sigh* It was wonderful!
3/13/2010 c4 Aria
You know, I've read this story so many times and I still enjoy it as much as the first time I read it. It's one of my all-time favorites and I MUCH prefer your J&E universe over the show's tragic canon. Please, keep on writing!
1/14/2010 c4 bria67
It was beautifully written, the deep emotions John and Elizabeth feel for each other so evident. I like the story's basically lighthearted tone that turns more serious at times, for example in the scene in Heightmeyer's office. My favourite was chapter one, the story just pulled me in and it wasn't just Elizabeth feeling the warmth spreading through her.:)

Thank you for sharing this amazing work.:)
10/2/2009 c4 22hifield
Wonderful journey - loved it all.
10/2/2009 c3 hifield
Love how protective John is of Elizabeth! Sam needs to get home to Jack - bout time someone put them together!
10/2/2009 c2 hifield
This is my first John/Elizabeth read and it's been worth it. Great story.
10/2/2009 c1 hifield
Excellent story so far - really enjoy it. Loved the conversation between Jack & Sam - sweet.

Especially loved that the city told John that Elizabeth was back - great start!
2/16/2009 c3 35bailey1ak
All smiles here.
2/16/2009 c2 bailey1ak
Really enjoyed this chapter. It's all the scenes you wish you'd seen on the show.
2/16/2009 c4 16AquaBlue77
This was an amazing story, where I've been reading the first three chapters, over and over again.

More than wonderful fourth chapter as well, with a wonderful wedding at the end.

This really is, what I would have wanted happening on the show. In some ways.

And I saw, you had changed the "Sir" to "ma'am," as I reread chapter 3. Like to forget that too, of course, but calling a female for "Sir," just sounds wrong to me. No matter the circumstances. (However had it been a Battlestar Galactica fic, this would have been just right, as everyone no matter their gender, is addressed as "Sir." Bar the female president, who is addressed as "ma'am" of course. That took a little getting used to. Lol!)

And now I'm off to reread "How to turn the light ON" again.
2/16/2009 c1 35bailey1ak
A very beautiful chapter! Could not get enough of your description of the two!
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