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2/16/2009 c4 23nogigglingmajor
I was so excited when I saw an extra chp. Thanx!
2/16/2009 c3 16AquaBlue77
Just want to point out, that you keep having John addressing Sam as "Sir", almost at the top of this chapter. When it should be "Ma'am" or just plain "Colonel." Just thought you'd want to know about this little thing I caught.
9/4/2008 c3 Cocoa Girl
You are going to update this are you not? Because after 6 months I am starting to wonder. I really hope you don't leave it as is. Because there is much you could do with it.
5/19/2008 c3 Cocoa Girl2
I do hope you don't stop it here. This is a great story. And I want to know more about this AU. Clearly Elizabeth is in charge of Atlantis again. I wouldn't mind seeing Elizabeth and John's kid play with Teyla's. And what about that nursery that Carter talked about at the beginning, was it approved?
2/18/2008 c3 66Nalana
Now that was simply an adorable story! I really enjoyed it! THank you for writing it for us!
2/17/2008 c3 7Charmed225
:) I love Sparky!fluff! Lovely and cute! Liked it very very much :)
2/16/2008 c3 Anon
Actually, it's nanites in Elizabeth, not Replicators. The nanites are the tiny cell-like machines that the Replicators (like that jerk Oberoth) are made of.

Thought you'd want to know so you can correct that.
2/8/2008 c2 145Cora Clavia
Wow, that was awesome. I stumbled on it by accident and enjoyed it so much.
Wow. This was SO good. I cant wait for the epilouge/thing/whatever you plan to do. Im extatic(sp?) at the SamJack references too. :D Super giddy much? Fo rme yes. FAVS!


2/3/2008 c2 14Lady Lemons
Ah, still cute! I wouldn't say no to another chapter especially since you named this one 'begin' i mean what about a middle or end. Well, i guess an epilogue would be an end. whatever, I liked it!

Nice work,

2/3/2008 c1 Lady Lemons
Holy crap, i am completely on cloud nine! Firstly, as a huge sparky shipper this story captivated my attention and liking from the get-go. But your style as a writer kept me hooked througout the rest of the chapter. *Sighs* if only sparky could continue on screen. But hey, i hope that season five delivers!

Anyhoo, still have to read the next chapter, but this is amazing!

Kudos to you,

2/2/2008 c2 8Inquisitive dreamer
I love this fic. And I also Love everything else you have written. Truly amazing and breathtakingly emotional!

I hope if they ever do bring Weir back, this is how the reunion will go!

Only bit I'm going to pick at is Carson, being Scottish it annoys me a little.. I love reading Scottish characters in their native tounge so to speak, but some words you wrote we'd never say, or they don't sound right!

All in all superb you are a very gifted writer! & Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)
2/1/2008 c2 23nogigglingmajor
It is the BEST Sparky sory i've read...please give us an eppi!
2/1/2008 c2 sapphiretwin369
Very nice chapter! I loved it.
2/1/2008 c2 16sparklyshimmer2010
oh that was a wonderful chapter! i LOVED the bit with him carrying her, all perfect! it was written very well, loved the kiss and it was just great to read! :D

a little soppy? maybe but not too. :D
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