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for Cowboys in New York

10/14/2008 c3 KingofChicago
very nice story so far. i like it and i hope you continue to expand on it. i especially like Alex's character
10/11/2008 c3 8midnight1899
hey I realy like thsis tory, it's been a while since you updated. The chapter being called the end doesn't mean the story's over right?
1/26/2008 c2 DeleteThisAccountNowThanks
I'm definitely liking thise story after reading it so far. Your narrations are very descriptive and easy to visualize, and I can practically hear Cindy's nagging voice ringing in my ears, lol.

Alex, though, he's quite the character! I mean that in a good way, of couse! I just definitely can't wait to read about what happens next.


PS - I almost want to start using the term "Virginia Leecehs" in general conversation. Not even kidding.
1/14/2008 c1 153stress

I've gotta say, I'm a huge fan of rewrites. I love how a writer can take something they've done once and put a different spin on it - while its still the same (sort of) story we remember, we're able to look at it in an entirely different light. Freaking awesome.

I love your characterization of Alex. Not to mention the other three Clayborne boys. And the manner with which they speak is priceless - I can just hear them referring to those poor girls as leeches.

Hmm... I wonder what happened back in Arizona? And if they're in Virginia, where does Manhattan come into play? I guess I'm going to have to wait to find out :)

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