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for Russian Roulette

5/20/2013 c1 6Demonic Mello
wait a minute how can a blank kill?
12/16/2010 c1 MelsXD
Russian Roulette eh...What made you think of it..well whatever it was its genius!
8/30/2009 c1 6SoraWolfXIII
The plot was really good! You just need to know how to use right words at the right time. like this:

They we’re both found dead, the bodies we’re never identified

Here's what it should be:

They were both found dead, their bodies were never identified.

But other than that it was awesome! good job ^^ Matt and Mello died though _Teary eyes.
10/21/2008 c1 7Ichimaru-taicho
Very pretty. . .

Just one thing, who in the hell would play a potentially lethal game like that!
8/8/2008 c1 2apatheticCarochii
I love this =D

All I ask is...

who the hell made that game?
7/28/2008 c1 2Smileygal3
That was sexy and sad at the same time...TT^TT I hate character death but this was awesome! :D
6/1/2008 c1 srryidunexistnomore
AH SADNESS! but such an awesome and heart filled yaoi lemon. thank you. goodnight.
5/12/2008 c1 2The Lovely Cynic
Um... I read this awhile ago. XD; Like... awhile-awhile ago and forgot to review. But now I am!

AUGH WHY RUSSIAN ROULETTE? Come on, Mello! You got caught by the police and blew yourself up, you aren't lucky! I wouldn't have gone along with it. Seriously, I mean... that's so depressing to die from playing a GAME. And watching your best friend die. And then shooting yourself. That's so awful!

I really liked it, though. It was sweet, but... so, so sad at the same time.
2/28/2008 c1 27Kaze Kimizu
That...was depressing. o.o Not my favorite kind of depressing. Gorgeous sex scene, though. The ending...I suppose I guessed it was going to happen, but I didn't want it to. I wish I'd stopped reading. xP
2/1/2008 c1 11Art is a bang4979
OMG it was soo good. Sad but freaking good!
1/18/2008 c1 skye.fell.over.me
matt? O_O

im stunned..

1/16/2008 c1 Super SaDist
I really enjoyed (enjoy) this, its great plot. INSTANT FAV.

1/16/2008 c1 9Zombie-Elf
O.O omg! MATT! I thought I was bad! But this is just depressing!...and really really hot...But Tara-chan...now I'm horney AND crying...but you didnt really need to know that ^^; but beautiful. I luffles you.

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