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12/26/2010 c7 31Tiffyxox
Charlie, this was amazing! I feel bad that they didn't end up together, but I don't think it would have worked so perfectly if they had. I'm happy you finally finished it, and I can't wait to read the one shot! xx
12/26/2010 c7 2DanaO1230
Wow I always thought somehow they would be together

But I guess all the issues they had were beyond repair?

I dunno

I LOVED! TMWB And SM Theyw were great

I give you A million Jeff Hardy's out of One William Regal

You deary have exceeded the expectations

Great story!

10/6/2009 c6 11hardygirl87
Wow i love it so far...cant wait for more
9/20/2009 c6 1extremechaingangenigma
ur story is really great hope u update soon...
7/15/2009 c6 122cuppy22
omgoosh this is an awesome sequel :D

Hows Jeff gonna react if he finds out da truth about Amber? :o

Im gonna be p*ssed if Jeff marry's Trandice :[

This dun' get updated soon...I think I might die lol Yesh its dat good :]

Rnt I terrible? Sorry for leavin a long *bleep* review lol

(and a bad one at that)
4/28/2009 c6 8Jess1186
Ooh, I can't see this turning out well for Amber now. There's gonna be a lot of fallout from this.
2/12/2009 c6 6prynciz GTJ
I loved this one! Jeff & Trandice?

Can't wait to see or 'read' what's gonna happen when Amber finally does the 'big reveal'!

P.S. those internet site people are like stalkers!
1/31/2009 c6 2DanaO1230
yea you updated! well i really do hope that jeff doesnt marry candice. i havnt seen her on any wrestling shows lately im startin to think she died or sumthing, oh well. i cant wait to find out whats gonna happen next update soon!
1/27/2009 c6 31Tiffyxox
Ek, I loved itt!

Woop, tis like the old days again, lol.

Update soon, hun!

1/22/2009 c6 3Irshbeth
can't wait for more
1/22/2009 c6 15giftiebee
Oolala, you're bringing this one back too! Now you're going to keep me waiting to find out what Amber's future holds, aren't you?
1/19/2009 c5 2DanaO1230
wow this is a great story i loved the first part to it turn my way baby. i swore i reviewed this but i didnt i guess i was wrong i like checked everyday for it to be updated. well keep up the great work and update soon
6/8/2008 c5 Queen Islanzadi
OMG I'm happy there is a sequel.

LOL I love what Amber's doing. She is kind of sick and twisted to do that...It's something I might do XD

Please update soon, I swear I will review unless FF.N stuffs up and I can't, or if I get really, really, really busy.


-Queen Islanzadi
5/28/2008 c5 20Pinayprincesa
makes me wonder whats going to happen between Amber and Jeff next?
5/27/2008 c5 15giftiebee
Me getting a tat? Damn :)

You had better not delete this my love. I'd have to hurt you when you come here later this year, haha.
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