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for When It Rains

1/17/2008 c1 Pure-Cardinal
Sounds like its going to be a good story! cant wait to read the first chapter! =]
1/17/2008 c1 1Truelove 4ever
That sounds great! Is Ed still a vamp?
1/17/2008 c1 2Alice Cullen Is My Hero
sounds good, cant wait to read it!
1/17/2008 c1 12brunette-in-black
Wow. That sounds so good. I really look forward to reading it. I hope you can give Bella just enough edge that she won't be all damsel-in-distress and more attitude, but still keeping her sweet personality. Also, maybe you could make her a bit more bold and she would confront Edward after the Biology thing, if you're keeping the Cullens vampires. I hope you do it keeps it closer to the plot, but you can change all sorts of things with your brilliant idea. Keep writing I can't wait to read it.
1/17/2008 c1 noxonexspecial
I like that idea. I also like that Bella seems to be a little ooc...can't wait to read it.
1/17/2008 c1 1Beaute-de-la-mer
OMG write I beg you, write Dx
1/17/2008 c1 GypsyLove6570

1/17/2008 c1 Lindsey8907
That sounds like a very good story and I can't wait to read the first chapter!

I hope you change some of the things that happened in the books. For example, maybe instead of Bella meeting Edward in the Biology class, she could run into him somewhere else, first. It just gets kind of old when everyone uses that as a basis for them first meeting in other stories.

I am assuming Edward and his family are still vampires. I hope that is the case, though I could certainly see how the story could be great as well if they were all human.

Thank you for the story summary. I can't wait to read the beginning.

Hoping you can get the chapter up quickly,

Obsessed over Twilight :)
1/17/2008 c1 DaniPeti
i like it

is the edward and his family vamps?

update soon
1/17/2008 c1 2moonlover245
hope you continue this
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