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for Father, Things Are Never As They Seem

12/8/2008 c10 1goddess.0f.discord
i really like this story i would read it if you updated
10/18/2008 c7 10DancingWithOceanWaves
I loved this chapter! I like it that they were trying to figure each other out, but they were having no such luck! Update soon!
8/23/2008 c6 DancingWithOceanWaves
Aw! I loved the end of this chapter! It makes me laugh to think of the reaction that James Jr. would have if he found them in that position!

I like this, please update soon! Will you be bringing James Sr. into this soon?
8/18/2008 c5 11Lord Commodore Norry
Wow, this is good! Update!
1/21/2008 c3 Lord Commodore Norry
I like the story, but don't completely understand it. Is James the future Commodore or the Commodore's son?
1/17/2008 c2 5xAquatic-Gypsyx
Ok, this is the first Norry based story I've read life! So, so far I'd say this is pretty good!...It's ok that this isn't a Norribeth pairing. I don't really root for Willabeth or Norribeth, I root for JACKABELLA! (looks down and coughs) Ahem...sorry. Got carried away...I am adding this to...(holds finger up dramaticaly) my Alert List!
1/17/2008 c1 PiercingBlue
Hey! I LUV What you did with your story. U R so right about killing off Norry, it was wrong! He was awesome, him and his curly wig! Hey, just had an idea, why don't you check out my story (you might like it) My penname really is PiercingBlue and I really hope thqat you write more! T.T.F.N (Ta Tas For Now!)

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