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12/3/2019 c10 jcheriscar
Do you plan to continue the story
6/30/2015 c10 Guest
Last line seems so wrong
8/5/2013 c5 Needs an account
Finds good story,
Read new story,
Has favourite new story,
Notices good story is incomplete,
Realises last time it was updated was years ago,
Dies a little inside.
(Secretly hopes somehow story will be brought back to life)
7/13/2011 c14 LB-Writing
Awesome story.

I read a bit of the first chapter a while ago but didn't have time to read the rest. However, Lately I've started reading stories at night off of my DSi's internet app (ffdotnet aparently being the only site that works fine on the thing with no lagging) and as such picked up the story.

Characterization wise, its pretty good, you got the cannon characters done pretty well.

As for the new students, they're pretty good. Anole and X-23 being the two that made me give it a shot.

Indavidually, I like your depiction of them.

Cloud Nine was sort of an adorable dork. You feel sad for her when she gets bullied, but find it funny when she acts socially inept.

Anole was just plain fun personified. He was hardly ever serious, and 90% of the time was making me laugh. His sexuality wasn't made into an issue, and was only subtly hinted at. Thats pretty good, as it avoids it being the thing that defines him.

X-23, got to love how you write her. I found the fact she wore leather skirt and g-strings just to screw with Logan halarious. Her first clothing choice, I believe, is from the comics? I know at one point she wore similar clothing.

As for James. Well, For an OC that the plot revolves around, he was quite enjoyable. Not only did he quip almost constantly, but he actually had depth. Him overcompensating was subtle, and until it wa mentioned I didn't even notice, so its pretty good.

As for the villains, I like how Bolivar Trask acts like a terrorist. Its fitting for his character. FOH seem to have many Parallels to the KKK, even having a number of disturbing ones.

My biggest complaint, is how Deadpool was depicted. As a chaotic neutral Merc, he was fine, except when he killed two cops. Known character trait is how he only kills his target, never others, especially cops and kids, unless needed to. In fact, he once killed a group of Mercs because they did.

All in all, good story, wish you'd continue but I know that wont happen, but still good.
2/28/2011 c14 4Hitokage Higure
2/7/2010 c5 The Nemean Lion
“The Iceman says: no duh.” Booby replied. “A wolf and a lizard. Weird.”

hahahaha Funnest Misspell ever!



uh that was good
12/13/2009 c14 1Infinite Freedom
I rather like this story. Please update it soon. I am curious though if Laura is going to be hooked up with someone. Maybe James?
11/19/2009 c14 Dark Yellow Dino
keep going this is a really good story it is really cool i love it
11/15/2009 c14 1Book-Devourerx
Awsome story! But talk about a cliff hanger! Please tell me you're going update sometime soon, please! i can't wait for the next chapter! or is it done! O_O
9/16/2009 c14 aulinin
dude this is great u should update it. its a great story!
8/27/2009 c14 FireBornInsanity
good job
8/27/2009 c12 FireBornInsanity
loved it!
8/27/2009 c11 FireBornInsanity
8/27/2009 c10 FireBornInsanity
loved it!
8/27/2009 c9 FireBornInsanity
love it!
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