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12/24/2009 c3 21RedWingedAngel002
Aww. XD See. She does care; just has a hard time-er-showing it.
12/24/2009 c2 RedWingedAngel002
Aw... T_T Poor Chrono.

Ari chan
12/24/2009 c1 RedWingedAngel002
Aw .XD Cute.

Ari chan
8/5/2009 c3 15Dragoon-Yue
Actually this is really good so far; are you going to continue it?
2/5/2008 c3 1Mierkai
Aww those were so sweet with Rosette dreaming and Chrono looking after her.
2/3/2008 c3 5Lyra the Heretic
Very cute. Hmm... Nope, they both seemed basically in character to me. Yep. I like the different meanings and interpretations. Looking forward to more.
1/29/2008 c3 BellaRose
Aw! So cute. That is just like Chrno to be able to sense Rosette's distress. As if Rosette would admitt that she enjoyed the attention. Though to my knowledge Chrno hardly acted perverted in anyway
1/25/2008 c3 21Olynara Sedai
I knew she was dreaming of him! I knew it! So... Chrono fell asleep for a while? Otherwise he would have remembered her hugging him during the night, right?

Favourite line :"a thousand other faces she always and never saw" that's a perfect description of life in a boading school or a city ; so many people who are completely indistinguishable but always around.

They have such a sweet relationship, I love the way you portray it!

Yours always, Olynara

P.S Thanks for reminding me! DA made me forget about writing long comments, since it's harder with pictures, but mentioning it reminded me that it's my favourite thing to do, and everybopdy likes to get long reviews! Thanks!
1/25/2008 c3 6WREIN
You have to stop worrying about them being in character...because as far as i can see they're very mcuh in character. (But...then again...THAT coming from me...) Anyway, good chapter! UPDATE!
1/25/2008 c3 1TehMerill
Oh my gosh, I think this is so far the best chapter yet! I loved the imagery and the way Rosette's dream seemed to flow, it was so tragic yet at the same time, oddly alluring. Pity though that Chrno gets beaten up in the end. But I guess that's just how those two roll. XD Anyway, please update whenever you find the time, I'm loving these one-shots! x]
1/24/2008 c3 30Feather Ice
Ah, the explanation. Poor Chrono! So many misconceptions.

And then, of course, Rosette takes it out on him anyway! True love comes in many forms I guess!

I'm really glad you updated~ Thank you! I'm happy you're writing more about Chrono and Rosette!
1/22/2008 c2 German girl
Aw! That was really sweet! ^^ They are totally in character in I likebthe idea that he was watching over her when she has nightmares. ( I had the same one some time ago)

Good job! ^^ I´d love to read more
1/22/2008 c2 Feather Ice
Ah, the misunderstanding. Poor Chrono. He has a hard life.

Still loving to read it! I hope you keep writing! ^ ^
1/21/2008 c2 21Olynara Sedai
People can be OOC while asleep. Lucky, Rosette wasn't. :)

Two things I loved the most about this:

"It burned, foul and twisted -well, he burned foul and twisted, since the water was pure" that line is fabulous


The whole Father Remington bit. I can almost see Chrono's saddness that Remington is the hero of the dream, but imagine that he wants to be relieved that she doesn't dream about him. I can sort of hear that in the last line, too. It's bittersweet and beautiful, he's happy to be there for her, but knows that he always will be, whether she knows it or not.

And I like that the first one was Rosette's POV and then Chrono's this time.

Your ever faithful reader, Olynara
1/21/2008 c2 6WREIN
That was in Character. Very much so. It's so funny how chrono gets beat up even though he was there to soothe her nightmares! Great job! UPDATE ASAP!
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