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11/16/2008 c2 39redrose7856
This is pretty good. There are some grammar/spelling mistakes, but aside from that, it's really interesting.

Well done!


PS: have you read "Gods Among Us"? That's a good Heroes x-over.
5/13/2008 c20 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
That's weird. Didn't they learn anything from JP2! Don't bring dino's back home. It's not safe.
5/12/2008 c19 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
It's not done yet? What's left to do... Hm... Guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Ah, Sylar's going back to normal, slowly... Mohinder still needs to learn how to shut up.

4/12/2008 c18 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
FINALLY! I haven't been able to sit down and read this for the longest time. Nice... poor scientist dudes... Eh, they deserved it XD Gotta love Sylar. I would have a hard time not telling people that I got stuck on an island with dinos... Yeah. ^_^

4/7/2008 c17 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
Wow! That was really gruesome! Didn't see that coming. Very weird, yet still hilarious at the same time... I wonder if Sylar will have the power to heal... I mean does he know how it works now that he's been healed or what? Oh well, I'll just have to wait 'til season 3 to find out ^_^ Nice update!

4/5/2008 c16 4shmc
Your story rocks. It was awsome. I loved the way you did a cross over between two cool things. This is the best and only good heroes story that I have read yet. Please uptade son I need something good to read.
4/1/2008 c15 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
Aw, poor Sylar. It hurts falling out of trees. I know, I've done it. Wow... he helped Mohinder... WEIRD! Oh well, the island makes people do weird things... Very weird things.

3/28/2008 c14 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
Wow! Sylar's orignal power came in handy! And Sylar. WHY WOULD YOU THINK SHE'D TAKE YOU! YOU KILLED HER BROTHER! Genius, he's a genius XD YAY MAYA! She's cool, just so very stupid sometimes... Then again if I was in her position I'd probably be blinded by his hotness too XD PETER! NATHAN! HIRO! HURRY!

3/22/2008 c13 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
XD Okay that was funny. Bicker, bicker, bicker... That's all they do. I'm so disappointed in them. Oh well. DON'T DIE! I like the Micah exploding the computers part. Awesome.

3/17/2008 c12 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
XD Quit bickering! You'd think when you're in a life or death situation you'd stop holding a grudge for a while... NAH! Not happening XD I think it would be great if Sylar got stuck in a situation like this with them in the show, I'd love it! That'd be hilarious.

3/6/2008 c11 8Keeper-of-the-Cheese

You have some really good ideas for your stories! Bur,you really have to work on grammer, spelling , and punctuation. Get those things fixed and you're good!

3/6/2008 c11 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
Wannanosauarus... SO CUTE! I love it, that's an adorable name. And finally Sylar is back, funny what a guy will say when he's almost dead. Eh, once he's back to normal he'll go off killing again... though as soon as Mohinder sees him they'll start fighting... YAY! Sounds like fun! ^_^

2/28/2008 c10 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
There's always a bigger conspiracy. Poor Sylar, the guy can just never catch a break... Purplesaurs? Interesting. Do they actually have a name? Eh, nice update. Well now that Mohinders here someone should have an idea of what to do... hopefully.

2/18/2008 c8 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
Where's Sylar? He kinda disappeared, is he gonna show up at the end like Billy in Jurassic Park 3? I still think Maya and Alejandro should show up. I like them. YAY! Ando and Matt are saved!

2/5/2008 c6 Sayuri the Dramatic Doctor
XD Half animal half human. Nice one. SYLAR DON'T DIE ON US! That'd be depressing, and make sure to get Micah when you go back or Nikki will kill you when she finds you without him ^_^ Yeah. I think Maya and Alejandro should show up, like wash up on shore or something. That would be cool, or maybe Isaac... unless he's dead already.. I'm not sure where you're at.

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