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7/13/2013 c2 Silverflower
Gaara or Itachi
7/1/2013 c2 18Toshiro of the Eternal Dream
Never do Sauke please, he's vastly overated, but if you do make sasuke the pariing make sasuke the uke permently.
6/10/2013 c2 7xxSnowxxAngelxx
Plz keep his name as 'Minato', since thats his real name... As for pairings... Naruto with Gaara! they're cute together! Also... Minato needs to end up with someone... o.o *see's the side pairing spot* Hmmm, Iruka huh? sounds like an interesting side-pairing... XD
5/12/2013 c2 2Kyuubi's Death
2/19/2013 c2 2Phoenix185
Fem-Kyuubi-1 if it is still up or not
12/14/2012 c2 1Colorful Swirl King

And as for pairings I vote for Minato (I would really appreciate it if you kept his name as Minato) and... awww I'd actually wanted a male Kyuubi... oh well

XD also it seems both you and me like incest and Yaoi-ness score for things in common with a random person.
11/8/2012 c2 Dante Nastaran

I understood the usage of Arashi before because that was rumored to be his name, but its not his name, its Minato. Ever since I really don't like calling him Arashi.
11/8/2012 c1 Dante Nastaran
I think Naruto should be paired with Shikamaru!Plz Pretty plz!

I love the idea for this fic. Plz update again.
10/31/2012 c2 carl
8/4/2012 c2 Nina
8/1/2012 c2 3black moon inu
If i'm allowed i'd like to vote for more than one, Minato or a MALE Kyuubi. I really hope you pick this story back up.
6/29/2012 c2 Immortalis Cruor Elf
update sooooooon!
1/12/2012 c2 the weirdo fandom
Please make it MinaNaru, and I personally prefer Minato.
1/7/2012 c2 greenwolf19
This is getting good, I hope you write more :3
12/31/2011 c2 6AnarchistMongoose
male naruto with kakashi or itachi
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