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7/29/2018 c1 Guest
Brain damage starts at a fever of 105
7/26/2016 c2 Guest
hello BlueEyedAlchemist I have many ideas for your next chapter . the first idea I have is that kyo's fever gets so bad that he turns into his true form even with his beads on at random moments. my second idea is that they have no other choice but to turn kyo to akito where he will be put in the cat house and locked away, then end it with a cliff hanger .i hope you take an interest to my ideas and use them in your awesome fanfiction.
4/10/2016 c1 Um
Fever of 112? He's literally already dead.
10/6/2014 c1 4AllTheBestFanFictions
Hi there, I must say your story here is quite eye catching! sad to say I hate coming to an unfinished fan fiction. I must say it is very well written but it needs some work... I know you must have been working fast on this story, and perhaps next time you will take your time so the names can be right like Tohru. One big thing That never looks good is your own commentary. It's hard for the reader to really get in when they have to stop and go- "Wh- what? oh... ok skip, skip, skip." It's not fun. Put a note before your story, or after showing what you were trying to say. other wise the feeling is lost.

I was also lost when Yuki went to get Kyo. I had to reread it again because it didn't quite fit the story or the character. Yuki wouldn't do that when Kyo was so sick, and Kyo won't be able to fit if Hatori gave him that kind of shot.

I hope i'm not putting you down or anything, just telling what needs to be fixed. all and all it is a good story and wish you would UPDATE! If you are not please put it will not be finished. :)
9/12/2014 c2 DisorientedMoon
3/23/2013 c2 Modern Venom
Hmm... You could... Uh... you should have Kyo still horribly sick, and he tells Tohru that... um, he's been... having hallucinations? I guess? And uh, yeah. You get the picture I think. o3o
3/23/2013 c1 Modern Venom
10/11/2012 c1 kitty cat
6/22/2011 c2 14pinksugarrush
omg please update!

this iis so good and i really want to know what happens to Kyo.

please, please, it's been three years..

please update for your supporting readers.

added to my favorites~
1/12/2011 c2 5Queen Umbugartus
This is good, but could you work on your spelling? I have a thing about it. I get so caught up in the spelling mistakes that I don't really follow the story! It is pretty good, though.
3/28/2010 c2 2Katsura2343
I realy like it! im very very very sorry I dont have any ideas to give but...I really hope you get the next chapter up soon!
2/10/2010 c2 5Meeve
this is really great so far and i think you should continue! XD and thanks for clearing those things up. When i read Kyo's temp was 112 i was like O.O HOLY SHIZAMUFFINS HE'S DEAD! hahaha anywho, please update soon.
6/22/2009 c1 xxx
You do realize that if he had a temperature that high he'd be dead, don't you? If you want it to sound like he has a low grade fever stick with temperatures like 99 or 100 but I think your temperature can only go to 108 and then the body begins total shut down.
4/11/2009 c2 29Unbidden-Angel
I really loved it! Poor Kyo... Maybe you could try starting with why Kyo was in so much pain when Shigure tried to lift him? Please continue soon!
11/3/2008 c2 SpiffyNoodles9
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