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6/10/2008 c8 13rekahneko
Love how Remus escapes Sirius! Always remember to look up.

I am really enjoying seeing all the characters in different houses and watching how some things change and some don't.

6/3/2008 c8 1ellesra
0o. :D Nice. Please, update one of your stories soon? And I think that you can send in that other story, but you should write some of the chapters first, so you'll be able to update it. ^^ Cheers! =D
5/13/2008 c7 13rekahneko
I like the interaction between the different ages of students in this chapter.

There doesn't seem to be much of it in the books and I was always a bit dissapointed to see everyone mostly keeping to their own age groups. Much more interesting to see what everyone else is doing too.

5/12/2008 c7 1ellesra
Hahah. Loved that. But no, I think I didn't review the 3rd chapter, and I'm really shameful. I'm sorry? *puppyeyes* Well, Cheers. ^^
5/1/2008 c6 ellesra
Wow. Sad. The girl reminded me (as you described her) of Hannah Abbot. Same genes or something?
4/24/2008 c5 13rekahneko
Fascinating scene with Remus getting bitten.

He must carry around a lot of survivor's guilt...

Looking forward to more.

4/24/2008 c2 1ellesra
Just something for you to laugh at; you see in the reviews I have sent for this story? They all starts with "Wow". xD That's kind of creepy, but still laughable? 8D
4/23/2008 c5 ellesra
Wow. That was great. :D Please update soon? Cheers. ^^
4/23/2008 c4 7padfoot-is-better-than-you
ahaha this is cool... write quickly!
4/13/2008 c4 13rekahneko
I like how Remus and Lily come up with the same exclaimation when responding to Sirius.

Ahh, those silly, strange boarding school teachers. Imagine being cooped up with hundreds of teenagers all year! Makes me barmy, that's for sure.

4/12/2008 c4 1ellesra
Wow, you're such a great writer! :D But, Remus' birthday is in march. Don't remember the exact dato, but sometime in march. Anyway, that's just to search for on google. (;
4/8/2008 c3 13rekahneko
Fascinating way to set up the story!

I love where everyone is sorted and I am looking forward to seeing how things turn out with all the changes.

4/6/2008 c3 1ellesra
Wow. Truly loveable. ^^ Keep up the work! :D Please, update soon. Please. :D
2/10/2008 c2 13rekahneko
Fun characters!

I like how James gets into trouble right away and how Severus defends Lily.

1/23/2008 c1 Jennifer
hi nicloe!

i really like this story so far, but what happened to the other one?

oh well, this one still rox!

u can e-mail me if u wanna...

u rock!

c u 2morrow @ skool!



p.s. sox! o, and my story is on

just in case u wanted 2 read it!

name: False Accusations: A Marauder Story

author: ME! Sirius_Padfoot_lvr

u should also read To the Past, From the Future, Lily's Diary, A Twisted Heirarchy, Broken, and Leave it to Fate.

they rock!

there r more, but i don't remember their names!
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