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9/6/2011 c3 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Actually the Kubikiri Hocho has the ability to use the blood of it's victims to repair itself, from having more than half of it broken off to a small chip that come off the blade.
6/6/2009 c3 dragonrider666

i also think they should be in the herem
4/30/2009 c3 13hohime
I vote tsunade for both and ask that you run spell check. I can read it and thats fine but I perfer mine to be a bit more clear in understanding.
4/6/2009 c1 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.

Yukina (Hiei's sister. She's never in the harem), Shizuru (Kuwabara's sister), Yaruchi (girl who's always on Kenpachi) should be in the harem along with Yugito, Anko, & Kurenai. Shizune should be with Zabuza.
11/14/2008 c3 Silver Ice Bullet
i vote tsunade, shizune, kurenai, anko, hana
11/11/2008 c3 The-Most-Holy-Ogre
i vote for tsunade, shizune, kurenai, anko,
10/20/2008 c2 Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. Yukina, Yugito, & Yaruichi should be in the harem as well.
10/4/2008 c3 bigboy80
I like Tsunade/Shizune/Kurenai/Anko/Temari/Yoruichi
7/23/2008 c3 Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. Hinata, Hana, Yukie (princess in 1st movie), Tsunami, & Yukina should be in the harem. Naruto should be able to control plants.
7/20/2008 c3 darksparda666
update soon
4/24/2008 c3 4Sakouya
good story, try make the chapters longer
4/22/2008 c2 Shank5
hurry up an update and he would have to ahve a supretion seal any way even in the maga no one cn be that stupid
4/12/2008 c3 king of death654321
hana for 3 and the abruame clan for 3 but only the girls.
4/3/2008 c2 Vampiress Neo
Great story. keep writing.
3/31/2008 c3 1happyfan13
can you plz add anko to the harem

hope you update soon
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