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10/19/2021 c21 lordfiresword
What's better than one angry supersoldier commando? Clearly the answer can only be two. Excited to see another fun face hit the scene, and intrigued at three Sins having a thing for Eclipse, and only two named members of SIN-ED to be them from my recollection.

I'll be interested to see more info on that as you share it. Thanks.
10/19/2021 c20 lordfiresword
Hello again.

Another intriguing chapter, though this time you left the most interesting bits for last. It would seem you're foreshadowing Lacus going from princess in distress to taking over dad's contact and running a private army a bit more than the show does, thankfully. The real question is how much does she know. Is she being truthful and has she revealed what little info she has, or was she feeling our friendly neighborhood Berserker out and decided not to tell more?

Also of interest is that letting the sadism out to play seems to turn off Lexi's self-preservation. Eh, she'll fit right in with the rest of the pilots with that particular flaw, I'm sure it'll be fine.
10/19/2021 c19 lordfiresword
Hello again.

You've envolved Durandal intriguingly early in this story, though from the length and the sequel it seems you're heading into Destiny content at some point. So perhaps introducing your next villain early is just your way of smoothing the eventual transition.

Of more interest is that word everyone keeps bandying about. My first impression was that Berserker was simply Seed Mode under another name, especially given it's treated as something genetic, but at this point we've had characters who ought to be aware of Seed, albeit maybe not believers of it, comment and they still use Berserker.

So something else then, and something naturals have higher tendencies towards, perhaps because the Coordinator process has it lumped in with undesirable genes.

Going to keep chugging through for answers, thanks for the Chapter.

Oh, and a decade late, but Yes, I have checked out Astray. It's enjoyable enough, but you won't miss much skipping it. Though Quiet insists Astray Red Dragon is the most drool worthy mech of all time.
10/19/2021 c18 lordfiresword
Hello again.

This chapter was an interesting one to figure out an opinion on.

On the one hand, it's hard to overstate my dislike for lyrics mixing into the narrative. It crops up semi-regularly, and I've never seen it not kill my buy in immediately. It's just a tool that doesn't work for immersion for me, and I honestly can't see the appeal.

That said, I adored everything else about this chapter. Heine seems to flow a bit more smoothly, making him easy to warm up to. We get glimpses into the big conspiracy, though just how deep in runs remains hidden, and we get a big reveal on Lexi, showcasing some of why she's so frighteningly lethal in combat situations. We even got a fun taste of action slipped it.

On the whole, very positive chapter. Thank you.
10/19/2021 c17 lordfiresword
Hello again.

Been a few months, but I'm finally in the air again, which means getting back to this. And holy cow what an infodump to come back to. I was pretty sure I remembered the story well enough to keep going, and then this chapter proved just how much rust had set in. I kept having to glance back a prior chapters to remember how we got here, and who these people were. Thankfully, I'm back up to speed now.

I recall you saying you were sticking pretty tightly to canon, which makes it all the more interesting that you've given us an EF super soldier program to wonder at. Presumably it's not our friendly neighborhood druggies, but it definitely sounds like the same program. I'm quite intrigued to see how this plays out now. Thanks for the chapter.
4/11/2021 c16 lordfiresword
This chapter felt... Disconnected in some ways. It didn't seem to have the natural flow your writing usually does. Some of that may be the amount of time flowing by in each paragraph, but I think it was more than that. Can't quite explain why though.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Heine, though he seemed a bit more of a goofball than he is in my head. We'll just have to see how I warm up to your version of him over time.

Thanks for the chapter
3/18/2021 c15 lordfiresword
Using just Eclipse to replace four pilots is either reckless overconfidence, or signals a serious manpower crisis for the PLANTs, and honestly either would be consistent with the story so far.

Aloha from Hawaii. Planning to sleep most of this flight, so I'm afraid you probably won't get too many reviews.

Enjoyed the chapter. Mahalo.
3/8/2021 c14 lordfiresword

I saw it was 499, so I snuck one last review in before bed. Didn't trust it to go the ten days to my next flight without someone reviewing.

I adore this chapter, the glimpses into Lexi's head, the self doubt, the judgement of her comrades without the internal context the viewers got, and most especially the fact you didn't shy away from how bloody and lethal any ship to ship combat should be in space.
3/8/2021 c13 lordfiresword
Last review of the day for me.

This chapter was better, it still feels like it's overly focused on making sure we know what canon is happening, rather than giving us the Waltz story, but we did have plenty of Lexi this chapter, time in her head, things for her to do, and characters for her to play off of.

I very much enjoyed this one. Thanks
3/8/2021 c12 lordfiresword
And here we are again.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think this is one of your weaker chapters so far. The strength of the story thus far has been how vibrant Lexi is, and the detail we get into her mindset, and this chapter seemed to have less of that.

Certainly lots of plot occured, we found out about FS/Stray's Rebellion, the G-Weapon theft happened, and we got a some insight into the paired warships here. However Lexi seemed almost out of place this chapter, unnecessary, which while a sign you aren't looking to turn her into a sue and focus canon on her, still left what's in my opinion the best part of Waltz out in the cold.

That said, it was still an enjoyable chapter, thanks.
3/8/2021 c11 lordfiresword
Well, good news is I got upgraded for my long flight. Other good news is this is a solid chapter.

As expected Chronos and Avalanche exit stage left, so long, we won't miss you. Avalanche was a delightful mix of ego and recklessness that nearly screwed everyone, singlehandedly justifying all of Lexi's paranoia and refusal to trust.

I appreciate that the big hole in Morgenroete's defense was people, as usual.

I suspect Le Creuset may be in a position to recognize that last name, otherwise why waste the space calling it out.

Thanks for the chapter.
3/8/2021 c10 lordfiresword
Morning. Traveling again, so more Waltz.

Lexi gives us quite the glimpse into her mental state this chapter, focused, relentless, lethal. And still stubbornly clinging to a few shreds of emotion here and there.

Out of curiosity, go you remember noticing how heavily your use K names through this section of the story. Lexi's Alias, the body double, body doubles cheating BF. Enough to be noticable, though not distracting or problematic.

We also start to get some strokes of definition for Lexi's... Let's call them allies, although they lack enough still that it seems likely their part in the story is nearly done.

Enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for it.
3/3/2021 c9 lordfiresword

A small nitpick to start the chapter. I absolutely loathe the use of parentheses for extra details in writing. It's not a grammar consideration, I just have found nothing that breaks immersion more quickly, especially when an additional line or two of description could serve the same role smoothly.

That said, the rest of the chapter is a joy to read. We get some more insight into who Eclipse is now, find out FS and Stray still have a jailbreak plan, that they presumably foolishly kept Lexi out of for her own safety, and we get the seeds of Canon starting to grow.

Next chapter should be a good one, but sadly I'm stopping here for the day. Hawaii happens on the 8th though, so not as long a wait this time.
3/3/2021 c8 lordfiresword
And chapter two of the day.

This chapter feels short, though necessary for setup. And doesn't give as much of the deep dive into your characters minds that I've come to expect from you.

That said, it lets us see that Eclipse has definitely come into her own. Looking forward to how that plays
3/3/2021 c7 lordfiresword
Hello from Boston!

Another travel day means more time to catch up on this, so we'll see how much I get through.

While the direct events of Lexi's story are compelling enough, I'm more interested in musing at the behind the scenes on this one. The sudden rush to promote students, reckless pushing them, the need to start crushing resistance in preparation for the coming trails all scream of a program that knows it's running out of time to me.

They're willing to break as many students as they have to to get any successes they can show off. Either because their backers are losing interest and support, or because they expect to war to turn soon and get bad for ZAFT.

We continue to get glimpses of other Lexi, mixed with regular fragile Lexi, and it makes for a great contrast. Thanks for the Chapter.
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