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6/6/2015 c1 Anonms
Need more potato this story. You give Hotaka potato new chapter ?
7/31/2014 c5 1StarElsie
UPDATE! You haven't updated in so long
7/31/2014 c4 StarElsie
I wonder if Syaoran still likes Sakura
7/31/2014 c3 StarElsie
Oh no! Did she meet Syaoran?
7/31/2014 c2 StarElsie
Syaoran should not trust his mother! Sakura never betrayed him!
7/31/2014 c1 StarElsie
Syaoran and his mother are so mean!
8/4/2011 c4 3staleesha
=( I really love this story, and been hoping you'd update for the last couple of years. Please update!
4/11/2010 c5 4DamageReport
Aw, is this discontinued?
12/7/2009 c5 zoooaaa
Wow things are getting heated here. I hope you upload the next chapter soon I want to know how sakura will avenge herself while protecting herself from Yelen's plotting. Its an awesome story. Don't leave it and continue writing whenever you get the time.

Take care and hope to learn from u soon.
4/24/2009 c5 2I-am-pongpagong
Aw...where Are you? why hAven't u updAted this? its such A good story, Almost sydney sheldon-like...very good plot And i like it! i hope you'll chAnge ur mind And continue this one... ;) good luck! :)
1/4/2009 c5 jem1711
This is one of the best fics I've ever read...There are a few grammar errors but the plot is just amazing...It's not original but the way it was delivered is just breath taking...I hope you continue this fic...
12/26/2008 c5 elwand
i'm gonna say its amazing cuz i really love it. i don't have much else to write apart from that cept keep up the good work and update soon.
10/10/2008 c5 littlegirl94
great story. please update soon. I really want to know what happen next. onegai. ^^
5/27/2008 c5 11Midnight Blue Rose
Hurry up and UPDATE please. I really want to know what Sakura did for her revenge. I hope it is sweet to her. So PLEASE HURRY AND UPDATE. I am practically begging you! :'(
5/6/2008 c5 addicted2fic93
please update soon!

i love your story!
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