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for All on a Rainy Day

9/27/2011 c1 131UnluckyAmulet
That was so cute! The ending actually made me Squee. Having suddenly developed an obsession with re-watching Ed, Edd n' Eddy, it's really nice to find a great fanfic like this. I had such a crush on Eddy as a kid and I'm starting to remember why. X3

6/22/2009 c1 6shawnders808
Aww! That was so cute!

You're an absolutely wonderful writer, I'll have you know. [:
5/24/2009 c1 49Skymouth
So fluffy! That really was cute! Sarah pining after Eddy! Can't blame her. He's always been my fave of the Ed's. Eddy being contrite and feeling guilty! That's just... adorable! Great ending! I'd love to see a sequel to this or another chapter depicting how the other kids in the cul-de-sac react to this new couple! I love Eddy/Sarah pairings! Wishes there were more of them!
11/26/2008 c1 8Freshman-Generation
11/1/2008 c1 KnougeandSonadow
aww, this was so cute! I love this pairing! And the story!
5/31/2008 c1 BrookieC123
Great story! I really enjoyed it.
4/19/2008 c1 74Shadowrisen
That was so sweet O:

I could actually see that coming if they were ever to get together. xD
2/4/2008 c1 1Gingerstar
That was really awesome! You should make another one,so then more people will get to see this pwnsome pairing that is so sadly underappreciated. I like how they're older and stuff. It makes the story so much more deep,y'know?
1/24/2008 c1 21Awsomewriter123
You did a great job with the romance and I liked the use of nature and the waterfall. However, Sarah said she was 14, but it said Jimmy was 10. Aren't they the same age? Despite that, Good work!
1/24/2008 c1 1Spikender
Wow! That was a very well written and emotional story. There's not too many Eddy/Sarah stories out there, and this is a great example of one! I loved reading this story, it was a real treat. I couldn't stop smiling some parts, and the ending was really good. Keep up the good work!

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