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3/27/2015 c7 Netchka
The Furling are dragons in your Universe? COOL! More story! :)
3/27/2015 c3 Netchka
Good start. Jon sure wasn't expecting vampires was he?
8/15/2012 c8 Netchka
Love it! Can't wait for more chapters to come. Jon is having fun.
5/9/2011 c8 Deadzepplin
Clever story would like to see it continued but oh well
2/11/2011 c8 9Toki Mirage
Mwahaha! Coolio fic. :)
8/29/2010 c8 Anonymus
Please Clompete the story this is very nice!
4/11/2010 c8 s
Wow! This is a really great fic! I hope you decide to continue it soon.
2/9/2009 c8 8Dadaiiro
I can't believe you left it here! Are you planing on continuing? I really hope so! It's a pretty amazing fic. I love xovers! Please think about it. Good luck!
1/13/2009 c2 4Fawe
I like the idea of this story, and parts of it I enjoy very much, but I am forced to wonder why you chose to set parts of it at Oxford University when from what I've read here it seems clear you know next to nothing about the place. A little research online might make it a little less jarring, or I'd be happy to go over what leaps out at me with you.
9/28/2008 c8 1JimBeamer5
This is good. I like both veins of this fic, and a good Buffyverse/SG crossover is rare. I think you should continue this one, for sure! And I hope you have plans for mini-Jack to get some "urges". It's bad enough in canon that Jack is a virtual eunuch, please let mini-Jack have some happiness. Maybe with Dawn? I don't know, he is no longer a clone of a 50 year old, he is his own person. He should be free to form a relationship with whoever gets his desires flowing. And hopefully he'll kick some demon butt shortly too.

Again, please consider an update for this one.
6/4/2008 c6 16HarbingerLady
seems that it will be interesting. Will the alien problem come to haunt the slayers contingent?
5/12/2008 c8 gaul1
good chapter, keep up teh good work. byes
3/25/2008 c8 5jpdt19
Sorry Jo, completely failed to do the beta reading for this chapter like i promised ages ago. Will try do that asap.

Very nice chapter :).

Yep, Xander must be hard as hell to write. In my new story i'm trying to write Rodney Mckay, so believe me i know how you feel :).

Thanks for the acknowledgement of my being your beta btw :)
2/20/2008 c8 7Maxennce
You know Buffy will probably take Jon the same way faith did, only her suspicion will stay until he saves her life or some other death defying stunt, and even then, she'll sway more to the suspicious side. keep up the great work and really looking forward to seeing how this is going to pan out


2/17/2008 c8 18Harm Marie
Good chapter. I think Buffy would give him the once over then approve.
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