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2/9/2008 c7 7Maxennce
definitely enjoying where this is going... do you mean to say or imply that jon is a furling? Am looking forward to finding that out


2/8/2008 c7 18Harm Marie
Neato. I think that it is so funny that all the slayers get a warm and fuzzy feeling from Jon.
2/8/2008 c7 4thundever1
Great chaps, poor Jon, I hope things work out for him and Anna, please update soon, great characterisations and interactions.
2/8/2008 c7 frozentear1
well, I'm hooked

didn't like the story at the beginning but it got better and better... more please!
2/6/2008 c5 7Maxennce
ooh that does not sound good. And how would you feel knowing that your sex drive and libido is down shits creek without a paddle. Not happy Jan...

Keep up the great work


1/31/2008 c5 18Harm Marie
Part Asgard, maybe?
1/31/2008 c5 5jpdt19
Heya Jo

Thanks for the update. Very nice chapter.

No spelling errors i can see too:). Joking of course.

Keep up the good work, real life permitting

1/29/2008 c4 4thundever1
Great chap, very interesting, brilliant interactions.
1/28/2008 c4 2ilovesg1andNASA
definetly interested! Ancients? i've never seen buffy but i still cant wait for the next chapter. so is he going to do the old "save the world" thing again or even just tell her about who he really is and all the stuff about the SGC and the Ancients? great story!
1/28/2008 c4 5jpdt19
Believe me, you're keeping us interested!
1/28/2008 c4 18Harm Marie
Very interested. I can't wait for the next chapter.
1/28/2008 c4 7Maxennce
definitely caught my attention. Witty repitiore, catchy scenes and characters that definitely aren't mary sues (I hope). Keep up the great work, your writing is intelligent, descriptive, and straight forward. Really enjoying your reading so far and am looking forward to your next installment


1/25/2008 c3 4thundever1
Great chaps, maybe you should have Anna find out about him and even the ground between them again, though Jon will prpbably adk Jack to get some answers, great interactions, please update soon.
1/24/2008 c3 framework4
Nice start but once you went down the BTVS route I'm leaving.

He would have seen, something,

heard something in his years

Yup, I tend to agree, besides the whole Vampire mythos is so out and out illogical. On top of that SGA with their wraith has already done it better.
1/24/2008 c3 18Harm Marie
Neat. I liked it.
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